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Agricultural Land For Sale in Gambia
Large Lot in Gunjur
  Location:  Gunjur

Price: Enquire

Size: 86 x 71m x 73m x 93m
Property Description:
A fully fenced empty plot with several small block structures, numerous fruit trees. There is plenty of space to build a home. Also suitable as farm land & animal husbandry. It is 200m to the main road & 6km to the beach.
Plot For Sale in Jalambang Village
  Location:  Jalambang (Brikama)

Price: D600,000

Size: 140m x 87m x 140m x 103m
Property Description:
An enormous parcel of farm land for sale in Gambia's Western Region  just outside Brikama Town which can be used as an abode or for agricultural purposes.
A Huge Plot For Sale in Gunjur
  Location: Gunjur

Price: D 950,000

Size: 300 x 270
Property Description:
This is a large empty agricultural plot for sale in Gambia's  Kombo South District., West Coast Region in an undeveloped area which is suitable for either a residence or investment purposes such as for farmland.
Land For Sale in Sanyang
  Location:  Sanyang Village

Price: D500,000

Large Land For Sale in Tujereng
  Location:  Tujering

Price: D850,000

Size: 135 x 100 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is an unfenced, substantial estate in Gambia covering 13,500m in area. It is in a visually attractive part of the country whose grounds wait to be developed for housing or farming.
Large Empty Plot For Sale
  Location:  Gunjur Village

Price: D350,000

Size: 80 x 60 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is an affordably priced piece of vacant land for sale in the West Coast Region,  Kombo South District., offering a generous amount of garden space for a residential property or growing crops.
Land For Sale in Kartong, Fenced
  Location: Kartong

Price: 55,000

Size: 300 x 53 sq. metres
Property Description:
This is a large, half-fenced empty compound which is on the main coastal road leading to Gunjur in southern Gambia. It can be used for  a home or farmland.
Empty Plot For Sale (200m x 100m)
  Location: Tujering

Price: D1.5 million

Size: 100 x 200 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is a large lot with an area of 2,000m in the coastal fishing village of Tujereng in the West Coast Region, Kombo South District. It lot could be used as an abode or for agricultural purposes such as an orchard.
Empty Land For Sale in Gunjur
  Location:  Gunjur Village

Price: D3 million

Size: 300 x 100 sq. m.
Property Description:
A large vacant fenced plot on offer not too far from the beach in a quiet residential area in the village. Lot of potential such as for crop growing.
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Please Note Disclaimer: Always use the services of a Banjul based lawyer before buying any properties or making any real estate decisions.

Above you will find listings of plots, photos, owner's contact addresses, some telephone numbers, emails & main locations in the Kombo Saint Mary Division (ksmd) and Western Region.
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