Wild Monkey Bar & Restaurant, Kololi, Gambia
Welcome to Wild Monkey

The Wild Monkey Bar & Restaurant was opened in October the Kololi Resort area in 2007. It is structured in a Gambian Bantaba style with a seating area in the front for diners and a back area for entertainment such as traditional dancing, live bands and a TV sports screen.

The restaurant is located in the very heart of the Senegambia Strip area and just a stones throw from Sarge's Hotel on the ITC Road and 3 minutes walk from the Kairaba Beach Hotel.

The diner has a relaxing atmosphere where you can eat excellent quality food at very reasonable prices or you can just chill out, enjoy a refreshing drink while watching the sun set down the Atlantic Ocean.

The interior of the complex can be used for birthday, wedding or private parties of various sorts as it is spacious and has an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere.
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