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(AFET) Association of Farmers, Educators & Traders, Gambia
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Contact Address Details:

Association of Farmers, Educators and Traders
Brikama Town
AFET Gambia Head office
Kombo Central
PO Box 237 Serrekunda
PO Box 5195 Brikama
Western Region
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4483202 (Secretariat)
                    9954251 / 9948878

Fax:             4484100


Branches: 1


AFET, in Brikama, is a nationwide rural development NGO agency which was established in 1988 as a grassroots organisation working with farming communities in rural locations from the Western Region, North Bank Region, Central River Region, Lower and Upper River Region. There are around 20 offices spread around the country, nearly 20,000 members (75% women), and over 340 affiliated groups.

Their main mission is to strengthen and defend the economic interests of men and women peasant farmers and food producer organisations such as cooperatives by producing quality foods fit for the market.

Their main focus is to end hunger and acute poverty in an environmentally responsible manner and encourage self-sufficiency in rural Gambian villages.

Activity Areas:
Agricultural Productivity.

Beekeeping Projects.

Communal Vegetable Gardens.


Good Governance.

Rural Skills Training.

Access to Savings and Loans.

Sources of Funding:
Local sources e.g. Social Development Fund (SDF) of Gambia.

Overseas Grants.

Members' Fees.

Produce Sales and Ancillary Business Services.

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