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 Gambi Cats Charity

(Donations for cats & dogs are by cheque)
UK headquarters
Parc Llwyd, Aberporth
Cardigan SA43 2DU
Wales, UK

Tel no: +44 012 398 10595

Fax:     +44 012 398 11193


Banjul area head office
PO Box 2874, Serrekunda
Kanifing Municipality, Kmc
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 9900756



GambiCats animal charity began by helping stray cats in Gambia back in 1998 and registered with the UK Charity Commission in March 1999. It is entirely funded by donations. Its main goals are to promote their neutering program and to advance the welfare of stray cats as well as dogs in the Greater Banjul area and beyond.

The GambiCats program began because of need to address the unfortunate condition of many of the felines which could be found freely roaming many of the beaches and hotels in Gambia and the often inhumane local ways being employed to keep their numbers in check. Among the control methods used is catching cats in nets and releasing them in the bush or even poisoning them.

The neutering and return to site scheme is generally accepted internationally as the most humane way to control numbers and maintain a healthy population. All neutered cats have the point of the left ear removed for future identification. Dogs' ears have a small notch removed from their left ear and are sometimes tattooed or receive a microchip implant.

GambiCats also tries to find new homes for stray, unwanted adult dogs, cats, as well as puppies and kittens.

The animal charity began its operations in Gambia by bringing together a team of 4 people which included a veterinary surgeon from the UK. They spent seven days trapping, neutering and returning to their places of capture which were the Fajara and Kombo Beach hotels. This operation was was a successful start to the scheme and the two cat colonies are still in good shape. A central feeding unit called the Cat Cafe was founded at the Kombo Beach hotel and guests can visit the cats and give them food.

The result is that cats were less likely to prowl around the doors of restaurants and other facilities in search for food. This situation was disliked by many managers and guests alike.

A full-time local administrator was employed to sustain and spread the program. Since that time many beach bars, lodgings, restaurants as well as the Banjul Port Authority and RVTH have joined the neutering program in Gambia. The Department of Livestock Services at Abuko has backed the GambiCats scheme and has distributed an advisory note which they have given to all hotels. The charity has also received the backing of the Tourism Authority.

It is the position of GambiCats that the scheme can only be kept going if it is grounded on the involvement of veterinary clinics and surgeons in The Gambia with the support of the local population. This lead to the creation of the Association for the Welfare of Animals in The Gambia which is dedicated to promoting better animal welfare.

Almost every year since GambiCats was established it has set up a neutering clinic, with visiting European vets, which last from between one week to ten days.

How To Help Cats & Dogs in Gambia:
Donate to the animal charity, become a member, receive a biannual newsletter.

Give them fundraising ideas.

If you are visiting Gambia & ready to take small supplies such as worming tablets.

Let your local vet know about GambiCats' need for equipment & supplies.

Let them know the state of health of cats & dogs where you are lodging.

Donated Vet Medical Supplies Needed:
Antiseptic skin cream for minor cuts etc
Cat traps & carriers
Cotton wool
Dog graspers
Dog muzzles
Ear and eye drops
Instruments (all kinds)
Leads & collars - second-hand are fine
Needles & syringes
Operating supports e.g. Kruuse
Surgical gloves sizes 7 & 8
Suture materials - absorbable - suitable for neutering
Vet bedding
Veterinary drugs & vaccines contact us for more information
Worm & flea treatments e.g. Drontal, Frontline, Milbemax

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