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(RAID Gambia) African Network For Information & Action Against Drugs
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Contact Address Details:
African Network For Information
And Action Against Drugs

RAID Gambia Website
P.O. Box 480, Banjul
Head office - Kerewan
North Bank Road, North Bank Region
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 9903492
Fax:             5720112


Branches: 1

RAID Gambia is a registered non-governmental organisation which champions a number of causes such as anti-smoking, substance abuse, illicit drugs trafficking, Aids / HIV, anti baby abandoning and teen pregnancy.

The organisation was formed after the realisation that substance abuse and illegal drugs trafficking posed a detrimental effect on public health and the socio-economic structure.

More recently RAID has carried out the following programs around The Gambia.

Providing sensitization workshops & seminars in schools and among the young outside school about the scourge of HIV / Aids, tobacco use, dangers of drug abuse and peddling, the importance of gaining skills for their livelihood and the general part youths play in national development.

Training of grass roots community based volunteer workers on the dangers of illegal drugs, cigarette smoking and other illegal substances in the community.

Partnering with the various government ministries and international, multi-lateral agencies such as the ministries of health, local government, the Interior, WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF etc.

Set up a network of health workers nationwide supported by transport and training.

Provide for the creation of a youth NAM (parliamentarian MP) in the Banjul capital.

Countrywide advisory and consultation on activities related to illegal substance abuse.

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