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Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in Gambia (Page 2)

Sunshine Guest House
Location: In Manjai Kunda, close to Kotu, residential area
Rooms: 2+ Breakfast
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Self-catering ✔
Half-board accommodation (simple breakfast & dinner).
Tendaba Camp
Location: In Kwinella, 150 km upriver Gambia
Rooms: 160 beds Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
All room rates are on a bed and breakfast basis.
Woodpecker Resort Hotel
Location: Banjulinding, 3 minutes from Banjul Airport entrance
Rooms: 10 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi ✔ Self-catering ✔
Single rooms with private bathroom plus B&B, double rooms with private bathroom plus B&B and a 3 bedroom family house with kitchen.
Woulaba Garden Lodge
Location: 10 minutes walk to the beach of Gunjur
Rooms: 5  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
YMCA Youth Hostel
Location: In Kanifing, urban, near Serrekunda
Rooms: 34 Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔  

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*A/C or air-conditioning maybe an optional extra & limited in number. *En-suite may mean a private bathroom (or shower / WC) for 1 bedroom or shared by 2 or more bedrooms from the same suite, under one booking. *Certain facilities may be limited to selected suites only. *Wi-Fi may be extra. *Airport transfers may be subject to extra charges or conditions. *NOTE: Before making any room booking, contact the accommodation first to clarify all details & rates. The information above may not be accurate & no guarantees are given.
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