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Commercial Land For Sale & Lease in Gambia
Partly Fenced Plot For Sale
  Location: Sukuta

Price: D3.8 million

Size: 89m x 43m x 97m x 11.2m
Property Description:
This listing is a large commercial plot for sale with a partially finished structure of 6 rooms & a large shop space on the side. The fence is up half way to average height.
Plot For Lease in Kololi, Senegambia
  Location: Kololi

Price: Enquire

Size: 50 x 50 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is a fenced area of commercial land for lease on the Gambia's Senegambia Highway with a total area of 2,500m. It is in the Western Region & is suitable for many types of business activities e.g. a shop, B&B vacation rooms etc.
Land For Lease in Senegambia TDA
  Location:  Kololi

Price: Enquire

Size: 86 x 70 sq. metres
Property Description:
A commercial plot for lease in Gambia's Kololi Tourism Development Area in Senegambia, ksmd. It can be used to build a holiday lodge, a diner or other tourism related enterprise..
Roadside Plot For Sale (100m x 50m)
  Location: Sanyang

Price: D800,000

Size: 100 x 50 sq. m.
Property Description:
This fenced allotment is right on the main road & lends itself to business activity such as for a retail / wholesale store, lodgings or other enterprise. It could also be developed as a private residence.
Land For Sale in Farato
  Location: Farato

Price: €36,000

Size: 33 x 29 sq. meters
Property Description:
An average sized empty plot with good road links from the Brikama Highway. It could be used for establishing a petrol station, supermarkets, office buildings etc. There are Nawec utilities of water & electricity
Big Plot With Unfinished Structure
  Location:  Tanji Village

Price: D5,500,000

Size: 15,925 sq. m.
Property Description:
An large ocean front piece of real estate for sale on the main road with an un-finished building. Potential uses includes residential, commercial or combined uses due to the extensive garden.
Large Fenced Land For Sale in Tanji
  Location:  Tanji Village

Price: 22,200

Size: 72.25 x 58.54 sq. metres
Property Description:
A generously sized empty patch with a boundary wall, water well & security house. Ideal as a property investment in Gambia as you can have a home & business on the same lot.
A Huge Plot For Sale in Gunjur
  Location:  Gunjur

Price: D 950,000

Size: 300 x 270 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is a listing for a large piece of empty land for sale in an undeveloped area which is suitable for either residential or enterprise purposes like a lodge, warehouses or farmland.
Large Land For Sale in Tujereng
  Location:  Tujering

Price: D850,000

Size: 135 x 100 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is an unfenced estate in Gambia covering 13,500m in area. It is in a visually attractive part of the country whose grounds wait to be developed either as a business venture or home.
Land For Sale on Main Road
  Location:  Gunjur

Price: D350,000

Size: 50 x 50 sq. m.
Property Description:
Here is an unfenced bit of real estate located right on the main freeway in Kombo South. Being on a prime location it is very well suited for a commercial enterprise or even for a home.
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Please Note Disclaimer: Always use the services of a Banjul based lawyer before buying any properties or making any real estate decisions.

Above you will find listings of plots, photos, owner's contact addresses, some telephone numbers, emails & main locations in the Kombo Saint Mary Division (ksmd) and Western Region.
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