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Energy & Fuel Companies in Gambia

Buried Hill Energy
A private international upstream crude oil & gas exploration company which aims to obtain oil & gas projects for exploration, assessment & development. The firm's main areas of focus are Turkmenistan & The Gambia, West Africa.
The company produces and supplies high quality solid biomass fuel for cooking and heating to households and industries. Among their environmentally friendly products are fuel briquettes from groundnuts, energy saving stoves, and LuminAID solar lights.
Capital Gas Gambia Ltd.
The company carries out construction projects related to petroleum structures like petroleum storage tanks, silos, and oil refineries; and marine structures like buildings and jetties.
Naanovo Energy Gambia Limited
The US company Naanovo Energy inc. built and operates a 14 MW waste to energy (WTE) plant. In other countries in builds & operates concentrated solar power (CSP) plants.
Elton Oil
It operates a chain of petrol stations who's facilities often include a convenience shop, car wash and tune up. Their product range includes car lubricants, natural gas, motor fuels and vehicle spare parts.
Smart Light Shop
The store sells solar power products such as solar LED lanterns, torches, powerbanks, radios and more.
Jatropha Fuel
Pressed oil from the seeds of the plant can be used for soap, bio-diesel, domestic lighting and insecticides
All In One Enterprise
This is a solar power company that assesses customer requirements, plans, implements and follow up customer services to ensure optimum performance.
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