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Agricultural Suppliers in Gambia (G to J)
  Gambia Agricultural Marketing Co. Ltd
Fajara, Banjul area
A joint private-public company engaged in the purchase of groundnuts from peanut farmers in The Gambia.

  Gambia Groundnut Corporation
Denton Bridge / Sarro
It is engaged in the wholesale buying and exporting of  the country's annual groundnut crop.

  Gambia Horticultural Enterprises
Farm inputs, fertilizers, pesticides, fruits & vegetable exports.

  Gambia Is Good
GiG is an outlet for sales of farm garden produce from local farmers via collection or home delivery.

  Garden Seed Stock Ltd.
Serrekunda, Banjul area
Importer and retailer of horticultural seed inputs for various fruits and vegetables.

  GamVeg Oil Gambia Limited
Kanifing Industrial Estate
A large producer and supplier of vegetable cooking oils to the local market.

  GamVet Company Ltd.
An importer and supplier of various veterinary drugs.

  GreenGold Ltd.
3 OAU Boulevard, Banjul
A poultry breeder, distributor of fresh eggs and seller of seeds for chickens.

  Ingo International Gambia Ltd.
Kanifing Industrial Estate
Ingo operates as a business start-up consultancy that can also assist in the procurement and supply of food processing machines from overseas.

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