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IISA Gambia Ltd. (Immigration Information Services & Applications)
   Visa Application Services
Contact Address Details:

Immigration Information Services
& Applications Gambia Co Limited

Banjul area Head Office
IISA (G) Ltd.

Tel no: +220 200 0200


The Gambia, West Africa

Drakes Moran will only assist Gambian citizens or other national who are resident in the country and cannot assist people living in other countries. Furthermore, they don't handle Asylum cases whether in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Fajara M Section
130 Kairaba Avenue
(Pipeline Road)
Tel no: +220 396 9999
                     449 5074

Go along the Kairaba Avenue heading towards the Sabena Junction, then continue past the Emporium & Garba Jahumpa Road in Bakau and towards the coast. IISA's office is located next to the Butcher's Shop Restaurant.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 12.30pm
Sunday: Closed.



IISA (Immigration Information Services & Applications Company Gambia Limited) / Drakes & Moran assists would-be applicants from Banjul applying for an entry visa to the UK at the British High Commission on Atlantic Road, Fajara.

The advisory service is staffed by former employees of the consular office who saw the vital need to assist visa nationals in the rather daunting task of successfully receiving a travel entry permit into the UK. This could be for example, a holiday, working, or student visa.

While working at the British High Commission in Banjul it became rather obvious to IISA's current staff that a significant proportion of visa applications were rejected due to ignorance about the rules, regulations and procedures as well as a lack of access to computer hardware. This obviously deprived applicants who either did not have a computer or were lacking in knowledge in how to fill their form correctly. Online visa applications for the UK are now an essential requirement for all Gambians wishing to enter into Britain. This led to the establishment of IISA in Banjul.
What they Offer:
The firm offers a service for The Gambia's visa nationals that updates them on the prevailing rules and regulations. This allows them to correctly put together and submit their travel documentation and application forms along with their supporting paper based evidence. This helps Entry Clearance Officers process their submissions and increases their chances of success.

Standard Procedure:
Call the IISA office to make an appointment.

Clientele states what kind of visa they are applying for - travel, employment, study.

The client will be told what original documents to bring along to the initial meeting.

An appointment date & time is set.

The client comes to the office on said date.

A clerical office will fill the form online.

Xeroxes will be made of your documents that you will take along to your consular interview.

You will then be questioned to make sure that the information you have provided is accurate and that the appropriate visa has been chosen.

The application form will be printed out.

A compendium of documents will then be presented to you for submission at the time of paying for your fee at the British High Commission's diplomatic post in Fajara.

The validity of your online visa application is 30 days so you must arrange your consular appointment as soon as possible. Furthermore, if your submitted application has been refused and you wish to appeal there is a charge of 2,500 Dalasis for this service. To digitally send your passport sized photo the cost is 100 Dalasis.

Costs and Fees:
Your charge must be paid before any of the following consultation advice is given;

UK settlement Visa  GMD1,500;
Emigration application filling & appointment  GMD650;

UK Visitor's Visa  GMD1,000;
Visitor's application filling & appointment  GMD400;

UK Student Visa  GMD1,000;
Student application filling & appointment  GMD650;

Handover of paperwork & supporting letter  GMD500;

Photocopies are  D2 per sheet of A4 paper;

*For further information and assistance visit Drakes and Moran at IISA Ltd.'s website.

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