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Full Menu For Koko Curry Indian Restaurant, Gambia
Restaurants  Koko Curry
* Free home delivery within Kairaba Avenue, Fajara, Ksmd. * Takeaway service available.
  MENU (for prices call 703 4444)
Prawns Puri
Chopped Prawns cooked in Sweet & Sour Tamarind sauce served on fried bread
Chicken Puri
Chopped Chicken cooked in Sweet & Sour Tamarind Sauce served on fried Bread
Batata Vada
Mashed potato well spiced and deep fried
Cheese Balls
Mozzarella Cheese Deep fried with spices and herbs and coated with bread crumbs
Vegetable Samosa
A favourite Indian starter in Gambia
Cheese Samosa
Samosa Filled with Cheese Hint of chilli
Onion Bhaji
Fried onion slices in special gram flour
Bhara Mushrooms
Deep fried button mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese and spinach
Meat Samosa
Triangle Pastry Filled with Minced Meat and Spices, deep fried
Paneer Sandwich Pakora
Fried cottage cheese in gram flour coating stuffed with green chutney
Tari Macchi
Fried fish coated with bread crumbs
Aloo Tikki
Potato Patties stuffed with Cashew nut and Garden Peas and Deep fried
Jhinga Pakora
Deep fried Prawn coated with Gram Flour
Prawn Tempura
King Prawns Fried to Perfection in Tempura Butter
Chicken Wings Ajmeri
Saute chicken Wings in Garlic and Bbq sauce

   KOKO Curry's Special Meals:
  Lobster Medallion cooked In Creamy Coconut Sauce
King Prawns Cooked In Ginger And Creamy Coconut Sauce
Fish Koko Curry
Filet Of Captain Fish Cooked In Garlic And Creamy Coconut Sauce
Tender Lamb Pieces Cooked In Cardamom And Coconut Sauce
Mixed Vegetables Cooked In Creamy Coconut Sauce
Aloo Tandoori Koko
Koko Curry's Special Starter Cooked With Potatoes
Boneless Chicken Pieces Cooked In Creamy Coconut Sauce
Sweet corn Chicken
All Time Favourite Sweet corn Egg Drop Soup with Chicken
Lamb Palak
Chopped Lamb saute in Garlic with Fresh Spinach
Prawn Tomato Dhania Shorba
Chopped Prawn with fresh tomato soup blended with Indian spices & garnished with fresh coriander leaves
Fish Koko
Puree of Fresh Grilled Sweet pepper saute in Garlic & Ginger with Captain Fish with taste of Coconut
Tamatar Shorba
Velvet tomato soup Spiced with Indian Spices and Flavoured with Fresh Basil

   Rice Dishes:
Steamed rice
Well cooked Indian basmati rice on slow fire
Jeera rice
Long grain basmati rice flavoured with tempered cumin
Mutter Pilau
Basmati rice cooked with cumin and green peas finished with pure ghee or butter
Kashmiri Pilau
Basmati rice cooked with nixed dry fruits
Lemon rice
Basmati rice cooked with fresh lime and mustard seeds
Vegetable Pilau
Basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetables
Chicken Biryani
Chicken pieces marinated in spices and cured and cooked with basmati rice on slow fire to perfection and flavoured with Kewra Water
Mutton Biryani
Tender lamb pieces spiced, cooked on slow fire with basmati rice
Prawn Biryani
Marinated tiger prawns and cooked with basmati rice on slow fire
Vegetable Biryani
Spicy mix vegetables cooked with basmati rice
Mushroom Rice
Sliced fresh mushrooms blended with garlic cooked with flavoured basmati rice

   Tandoori Bread:
Plain Naan
Leavened bread
Butter/ Garlic/ Coco/ Cheese/ Chilli/ Naan
Fresh Naan with coconut, crushed cashew nuts and sweet raisins
Unleavened bread made with whole meal flour
Plain Kulcha Bread 
Fresh naan stuffed with sesame seeds and fresh coriander
Aloo Paratha
Whole meal flour bread stuffed with mashed potato masala
Paneer Paratha
Plain flour bread stuffed with Cottage cheese masala
Keema Paratha - Chicken or Lamb
Whole flour bread stuffed with cooked Keema masala
Mughlai Paratha
Whole flour bread stuffed with boiled egg masala
Masala Kulcha
Fresh naan- chef's special

   Salads, Papadas, Raita:
Mix fruits Raita
Combination of seasonal fresh fruits with yoghurt and sugar
Pineapple Raita
Fresh pineapple with yoghurt and sugar
Boondi Raita
Crispy gram flour mini balls fried and mixed in yoghurt with blend of Indian spices
Dahi Vada
Fried soft lentil Vada mixed with yoghurt topped with sweet and sour chutney
Vegetable Raita
Chopped onion, cucumber and tomato mixed with yoghurt
Cucumber Raita
Fresh cucumber with cumin and cooling dressing of minted yoghurt
Green salad
Sliced onion, tomato, cucumber, beet root and fresh lettuce
Tandoori Murg Salad
Boneless tandoori chicken tossed with shredded vegetables, spices & mint chutney
Fried Papad
An Indian crisp fried served hot with the chef's special made relish and chutney
Roasted Papad
An Indian crisp roasted
Masala Papad
Indian crispy Papadums topped with chopped tomatoes and coriander leaves



Chicken Tikka Masala
An Indian delight in served right here for you in Gambia
Tandoori Chicken Half
Tender Half Chicken Spiced with Red Tandoori Marinade
Tandoori Chicken Full
Tender Whole Chicken Spiced with red Tandoori Marinade
Chicken Shish Kebab
Minced Chicken Mildly spiced cooked in Tandoori
Chicken Tangdi
Stuffed Chicken Drumsticks Cooked to perfection Served with Mint Chutney
Koko Kebab
Boneless Chicken marinade in Coconut, Saffron, Mustard and Grilled
Liver Tikki
Chicken Liver Cooked in Tandoori Masala
Chicken Reshmi Kebab
Chicken Breast marinade in Cheese & yoghurt cooked in Tandoori
Chicken Achari Tikka
Diced Chicken marinated with Pickle and Yoghurt cooked in Clay Oven
Hariyali Chicken Tikka
Boneless Chicken coated with Fresh Spinach and Grilled
Delhi Lamb Tikka
Tender cubed lamb in Bbq Sauce n Sweet pepper cooked in Tandoor
Lamb Shish Kebab
Finely Minced Lamb blended with Indian Mixed Spices
Lamb Tikka
Tender and marinated lamb pieces with Papaya Puree
Fish Tikka
Grilled Fish Fillet marinated in Tandoori Masala, Gram Flour and Ajwain
Mahi Mahi
Fish Fillet marinated in Garlic and Indian Spices
Tandoori Fish
Grilled Fish Fillet blended in Curd and Cardamom
Jhinga Tandoori
Grilled King Prawns marinated with herbs and spices
Hariyali Prawns Tikka
Queen Prawns coated with fresh Spinach and Grilled
Achari Prawns Tikka
Grilled Prawns with pickled Flavour
Tandoori Jhinga Tilli
Grilled King Prawns marinated with Fresh Spices and Sesame Seeds
Amritsari Jhinga
Grilled Prawns Marinated in Tandoori Masala, Gram Flour and Ajwain
Paneer Shish Kebab
Minced Cottage Cheese mildly spiced Cooked in Tandoori
Vegetable Shish Kebab
Minced fresh vegetables mildly spiced Cooked in Tandoori
Tandoori Aloo
Diced Tandoori Potato
Tandoori Gobhi
Fresh cauliflower marinated and Cooked in Tandoori
Tandoori Mushrooms
Whole Mushrooms marinated in Yoghurt and Spice cooked in Tandoor
Paneer Tikka
Home made Cottage Cheese Marinated and Grilled
Tandoori Baby corn
Tender Fresh Baby corn with Typical Indian Pickled Spices
Vegetable Sizzler
Selection of Tandoori Cauliflower, Potato, Baby corn, Mushrooms and Cottage Cheese
Mixed Sizzler
Selection of Tandoori Lamb, Chicken, Prawns

Methi Machli
A Flavoured dish Cooked in Fenugreek Leaves blended with Garlic
Machli Masala
Fresh Local Fish , marinated, spiced and cooked in the Tandoori Oven. Served in the Chef's
specialty created sauce
Hariyali Machli
Filet of Captain Fish Cooked with Spinach and cream
Fish Kolhapure
Captain Fish cooked with Fine Desiccated Coconut Flavoured with Curry Leaves, Garlic and
Dal Makhani
A lentil dish in cream and tomato
Dal Fry
A lentil dish cooked in onion and garlic
Tadka Dal
Yellow lentil cooked with curry leaves
Malai Kofta
Mixed vegetable dumplings cooked with fresh cream
Vegetable Kofta Curry
Mixed vegetables cooked with onion sauce
Paneer Tikka Masala
Homemade cottage cheese tikka finished in rich tomato base gravy with mild spices and (Kasuri) Kasoori Methi
Mutter Paneer
Homemade cottage cheese cooked in onion sauce with fresh garden peas
Palak Paneer
A wonderful vegetarian dish
Karahi Paneer
Cottage cheese toasted in masala gravy flavoured with green capsicum and coriander
Gobi Matar Masala
Fresh cauliflower cooked with fresh tomato and garden peas
Vegetable Kolhapure
Combination of fresh mixed vegetables cooked with coconut Kolhapure masala
Dum Aloo
All time favourite grilled baby potato flavoured with spices and herbs
Bhindi Masala
Tender fresh lady finger fried in mild masala gravy finished
Karahi Sabzi
Diced seasonal fresh vegetables tossed masala gravy flavoured with green capsicum and coriander
Khumbh Achari
Grilled whole mushroom cooked in Indian pickles spices
Mushroom Baby Corn Masala
Tossed button mushrooms with pieces of young baby corn cooked in butter and fresh cream sauce
Balaji Navratan Korma
Blend of fresh fruits cooked in fresh cream and butter touch of saffron
Egg Curry
boiled eggs in Indian curry masala
Chana Masala
Boiled chick peas cooked with onion, tomato, peppers in mild Indian spices
Kaju Curry
Ground cashew nuts cooked in rich gravy sauce
Bhoona (Bhuna)
A classic dish cooked with mushrooms and spices. Tasty and medium flavoured.
Rogan Josh
A medium spicy dish prepared with garlic, sweet peppers and cashew nuts.
This fish dish is cooked with pineapple juice to create a sweet & sour flavour. Lentils are the basic ingredient, making this unique flavoured dish.
A dish cooked with fresh chilli's and sweet peppers making a hot full flavoured taste.
A rich creamy coconut sauce enhanced with fresh mild spices.
Tikka Masala
Tandoori foods cooked with a sauce of delicate spices. Tomato and cream. A medium spiced dish.
Dopiaza Curry
Prepared with lots of fresh onions, ginger and coriander. A mouthwatering meal.
A very hot dish. Created with hot spices and herbs.
A fairly hot dish prepared with rich and spicy sauce using lemon for full spice flavour.
Tossed in masala gravy flavoured with green capsicum and coriander.
A delicious dish cooked in spinach an cream.
Methi Malai
A flavoured dish cooked in fenugreek leaves and fresh cream
A dish cooked with fine desiccated coconut flavoured with curry leaves, garlic & ginger.
Cooked with fresh spinach, onions, special herbs and spices. Avery tasty dish.
Butter Masala
A rich festival dish, very memorable, cooked in mild spices, butter, tomatoes and fresh cream.
Medium spiced on the bone cooked in brown curry sauce.

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