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NGOs in Gambia, Page 4
  Danish Gambia Friendship Society
Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd, Banjul area
DGFS gives school student sponsorship, donations to needy causes, medical supplies, educational equipment, books etc.

  Darwin Initiative
Kombo North
This is a wildlife research and conservation project whose field station is at Abuko Nature Reserve.

  Degoo HIV/AIDS Support Organisation
Old Jeshwang, Ksmd
DHASO works in the fields of HIV awareness & provides voluntary clinical testing & patient counselling.

  Dresden Banjul Organisation
Sukuta, Kombo North
An auto rally from Germany to Gambia which raises funds for the NGO called DBO. Their cars are also sold on arrival.

  Education Through Culture
& Communication Organisation

ECCO carries out cultural enterprise promotion & learning through music & dance workshops & works with university students from the EU, USA & locally.

  Forum for African Women Educationalists
Gambia Teachers Union Complex, Kanifing South
FAWEGAM is a CSO which was set up to support girls' education.

  Francis DeGaulle Njie Foundation
Banjul area
FDNF aims to promote science education and promote cancer awareness.

  Freedom From Hunger Campaign
Cape Point, Bakau, Kofi Anan Street, UN House
FFHC is a United Nations body fighting food deprivation and under nourishment among the poor.

  Fresh Start Foundation
Brikama Misira
FSF acts in education of orphans, children's' scholarships, farming aid, health & water boreholes.

  Friends of The Gambia Association
3 Kotu Layout, Hermann Gmeiner Highway
FoTGA UK concentrates on farm crop productivity enhancement, sheep fattening, school rehabilitation & sponsorship, humanitarian food aid & health centres.

  Fund for African-American Cultural
& Educational Solidarity

Banjul capital, 3 Alpha Tapsiru Sallam
FACES is a US NGO charity involved in health, education & agriculture.

  Future In Our Hands
Kotu South
FIOH is a Swedish civil society organisation which aims to increase the economic capacity of rural communities via agriculture schemes, health promotion, school building, gender equality, enterprise skills etc.

  Gambia Artisanal Fisheries
Development Agency

Bakau Community Fisheries Centre
GAMFIDA provides information, settles disputes & runs a savings & loans program.

  Gambia Association of the Deaf
& Hard of Hearing

Kanifing Municipality
The civil society organisation helps people with audiological impairments.

  Gambia Association of The Physically Disabled
Marina Parade, Banjul
GAPD's goals are to lobby on behalf of the physically challenged, prevent physical disabilities, lobby on ensuring rights & for fuller participation.

  Gambia Bar Association
The representative body for lawyers.

  Gambia Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Kairaba Avenue
Representing the interests of business.

  Gambia Cricket Association
The official governing body of the English game which is also affiliated with the ICC.

  Gambia Education Support Organisation
Serrekunda, Banjul area
A non-profit organisation which aims to give material and moral support for educational institutions.

  Gambia Education & Teaching Support
Bakoteh Estate
GETS is a UK registered NGO charity which sponsors school children, runs a nursery school & manages projects for other charities.

  Gambia Epilepsy Association
London Corner, 5 Dippa Dukureh Rd., Serrekunda

  Gambia Family Planning Association
Kanifing Industrial Estate
Kanifing Municipal Council

  Gambia Food & Nutrition Association
GAFNA House, Bakau, Kombo Coastal Road
GAFNA aims to improve the quality of food consumed by the general public & to champion food security through self-sufficiency in society.

  Gambia Football Association
Kanifing East Layout
(Near Bakau's Independence Stadium)
The soccer body was founded on the 3rd of November, 1952 and oversees the various leagues.

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