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Tunbung Art Village & Gallery
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Contact Address Details:
Tunbung Art Village & Gallery

Baboucarr Etu Ndow
Tujereng Village
Kombo South
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 998 2102





The Tunbung Art Gallery & centre displays the painting works of the locally renowned artist Baboucarr Etu Ndow who also displays fine sculptured works which are discreetly and prominently displayed in various parts of the garden grounds of his work studio. Some are decorated in natural and vibrant colours such as ochre, mustard, bright blue and olive green.

Etu Ndow also runs special educational art workshops for students to encourage them to discover their creative side.

You can even stay at the gallery for a few nights in their purpose build traditional African mud huts in which the facilities are fairly sparse. There is a water from their local well placed in a receptacle, mosquito net over your bed and a lamp fuelled by kerosene.

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