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Bijilo Medical Centre
Established in 2002 to provide comprehensive and affordable quality medical services.
BUPA Health Facilities
It has 2 clinics (for travellers from the UK) providing medical cover for Gambia.
Dep. of State for Health
Government Health Policy
From the pages of the State House it gives an in-depth look at the country's medical services, underlying principles, 5 year strategic goal, implementation and monitoring.
Health Care System
An outline of the 3 levels of the medical system i.e. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.
HIV Prevalence
A compilation of statistics up to 2012. It covers adults, women, childen, orphans and by various age groups.
Infant Mortality Rates
A report titled - Access to health care and mortality of children under 5 years of age in the Gambia: a case–control study - for the Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2009.
Maternal Mortality in Rural Gambia
An extensive study which explores the reasons for death at childbirth for women in rural areas of the country which was often caused by delays in seeking urgent medical attention.
Medical Research Council
MRC is a health research body with a clinic.
Mental Health [WHO]
Estimates indicate that out of the population of 1.5 million, approximately 120,000 people are suffering from a mental disorder that requires psychiatric intervention and treatment.
Oral Health
An area country profile about the country's dental hygiene covering dental caries, tooth mortality, sugar consumption and manpower. The study was conducted between the WHO and Malmo University, Sweden.
Pneumococcal Vaccine Trials
A study that showed that the leading cause of death among infants was due to acute respiratory infections (ARI) which is mainly caused by bacterial pneumonia. The research was carried out by a wide coalition of partners.
Power Up Gambia
Founded in 2006 by Kathryn Cunningham Hall it is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing electricity and water to healthcare facilities through the use of solar energy.
Royal Victoria Hospital
The largest general hospital in Gambia which is in the city of Banjul & It provides Primary Healthcare in its Polyclinic on Independence Drive.
Tobacco articles
Online publications from varied sources covering issues of tobacco health in Gambia.
A study into TB patients experiences and behaviour in seeking medical treatment when they had a cough as well as statistics of the incidence of Tuberculosis among sections of the population.
World Health Organization
Health statistics & indicators including polio, tuberculosis, oral health, diabetes prevalence, infant mortality,  immunization coverage  and recommended travel vaccinations for Gambia.
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