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History of Gambia

History of The Gambia Page
Chronology of Events
A list of key events starting with the Portuguese in 1455 through the coup of President Jawara in 1994 up to the sentencing of 10 ex-army officers in 2007.
Colonial Influences
An outlines of the various European incursions into the country from the British and French to the Portuguese; starting from the 15th century to when Gambia became a British Protectorate in 1888.
Gambia Background Info [Lonely Planet Guide]
Pre-20th Century history from AD 500 through the Mali Empire, the arrival of the Portuguese & British up to the present day.
Gambia Timeline
From the period 1455 when the Portuguese had come to the river on an expedition funded by Prince Henry to 2007 after another attempted coup d'état attempt 10 ex army officers were jailed.
Kunta Kinte of Juffure
Brief background about the former slave and Alex Haley's book 'Roots' chronicling his ancestors as well as the TV show.
Museums in Gambia [NCAC]
Brief history covering Gambia's museums and national monuments including the stone circles at Kerr Batch, Wassu, Jufurreh and other locations within their cultural context.
The first stamps issued in Gambia was back in 1869. It was a Cameo head of Queen Victoria embossed in white on a simple colored ground.
The Gambia History
Covering the period in the nations timeline from 470 BC to the 2001 presidential elections.
Tanje Village Museum
The museum not only shows Gambian historical artifacts but is also a living museum where you can see local artisans at work on their craft. Located on the Kombo Coastal Road at Tanje Village.
History of Gambia from the time of Hanno, through to the repatriation of many former slaves to west Africa up to the late 1990's. The page includes a section about the 'Roots Festival'.
World Statesman
Detailed historical events in Gambia including and a list of past colonial governors, agents and commanders.
History of The Gambia [Wikipedia]
The nation's History from the 9th century to the modern-day political scene. Please note that Wiki is written by web users who are not necessarily academics.
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