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Easy Time Lodge
Location:    Kololi village, 800m to the beach
Rooms: 19 Swimming Pool
En-suiteFan Poolside Bar
Wi-Fi ✔ Self-catering ✔
A unique accommodation with shared kitchen, a backup generator, & poolside drinks bar encircled by African style round huts. Each room has a double bed, en-suite shower / toilet, seating, TV, fan, mini-fridge & broadband Wi-Fi hotspot.
Equator Lodge (Tamba Kuruba)
Location:    Kartong beachfront
Rooms: 6  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Internet Access ✔  
Stay on a near deserted beach in south west Gambia. Room options: Luxury bungalow with private shower room and flush toilet or 2 large bedrooms with shower & toilet or 4 huts with double or single beds sleeping 2 with shared bathing facility. *Airport transfers.


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