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Kotu Suites Self-Catering Apartments
(Kololi, Palma Rima junction)
Kombo St. Mary District
The Gambia , West Africa

Tel no: +220 446 3631
Tel no: +220 778 0055

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Kotu Suites are located about 200 metres from the main road & not far from the junction of the Palma Rima Hotel in Kololi.
Hotel Room Facilities & Services:
5 self-catering bungalows
1 or 2 bedrooms

Air-conditioner available on request

En-suite shower & toilet


Living room with ceiling fan

Access to cable TV includes BBC & CNN


Generator and water tank
General Facilities & Services:
General outside cleaning

Laundry service can be arranged

Night watchman

Reception desk

The compound of the Kotu Suites guest house is a bit cramped but the inside of the bungalows are comfortable, well maintained and clean. The self-catering kitchens are fully equipped and the double beds are of generous size.

The best thing about the guest house is the location. It really is just a short stroll to many bars, restaurants and other amenities. Catching a taxi in the area is no problem. The beach at Palma Rima is just minutes away. The suites are situated on a sandy residential street with minimal noise and fairly good security.

Room rates based on per person per day priced in euros.
Kotu Suites apartment

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