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Sanyang Nature Camp
Sanyang Village
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel: +220 4497186
Tel: +220 4390278 / Mob: +220 9902408

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The tourist accommodation in Sanyang is located in a Nature Park and about 1.5 Km from the beach and 25 km from the major northern resorts.
Hotel Room Facilities & Services:
Double rooms
32 African round huts or line rooms
En-suite shower, WC & electricity
Breakfast is included in the room rates
General Facilities & Services:
General meeting hall

Several rustic roundavels

Bar and restaurant

Reception desk

Water supply from borehole
The camp is set in lush tropical palm forest and is surrounded by a plethora of birds and small wildlife. The area is great for bird watchers and nature lovers as there are a number of vervet monkeys and small deer in the area and there is the opportunity to do a spot of horse riding next to the wild nature reserve. Nearby there is also the Rainbow Restaurant which is on the beach and is a great way to get some bar refreshments and sea breezes.

The eco-camp is owned by Leybato Hotel, Fajara.
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