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Young Gambian's Desire To Emigrate "Dem Out"
According to the common Gambian sentiment, these are places where toubabs live and everyone is rich. (In The Gambia, "America" refers specifically to the United States or the EU.)

Some Gambians will know otherwise, but the majority will swear by this truth no matter how much you try to convince them that capitalism's gaps in wealth wreak havoc on many lower class Americans. You should give some credit to their assumptions—many Gambians make less than two dollars a day, the low-standard education is not free, and the average Gambian would have to save for months to pay for the time you spend at the internet café over two weeks.

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Alas, although you are a university student and your parents probably bought your last pair of sneakers, you do validate the claim that Americans are rich—your university education is securely funded, you have paid for a plane ticket to Africa, and you can afford to buy a soft drink everyday.

Youth unemployment and underemployment rates are very high though figures are not easy to come by. This high level of economically inactive young people accounts for some of the reasons why so many young people wish to emigrate to the USA (preferably after winning a green card lottery) or Europe through a quickie marriage in Banjul.


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