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ComAfrique Gambia Company Limited
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Contact Address Details:
ComAfrique Co. Ltd.
Banjul area head office
87 Kairaba Avenue
Krita House
Fajara M Section
PO Box 2389, Serrekunda
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220  4497546
Mob:              9962667

Fax :              4495844


Employees: Direct & indirect 55+


ComAfrique Gambia Ltd. is a private limited company which was incorporated in July 2001, and is also registered with the Gambia Chamber of Commerce.

Its business activities and expertise are mainly in the export of agricultural products, particularly cashews from West Africa.

The firm operates a farming plantation at Faraba which grows raw cashew nuts for export as well as being growers, promoters and suppliers of fresh garden vegetables, sesame seeds, groundnuts for confectionary manufacturers, bird food  and tropical fruits. Their facilities also includes a factory and warehouse in Banjul at Bund Road as well as Brikama. They consultancy work also involves assisting the National Cashew Farmers Association (NCFA) of Gambia.

Agricultural Machinery:
The firm are also importers and sellers of agricultural and food processing equipment from India and Germany such as nut de-shelling machines, briquetting systems, farming equipment, seed graders. They also distribute packaging materials for agricultural food exports in the form of polypropylene and jute bags.

Trade Representation:
ComAfrique are also agents for other international companies in relation to tenders sales to The Gambia.

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