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International Commercial Bank Gambia Co. Limited
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  Contact Address Details:
ICB Bank Gambia Company Ltd.  
Banjul area Head Office

Ground Floor GIEPA House
48, Kairaba Avenue
Serrekunda, Ksmd
Western Region
P.O. Box 1600 Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 437 7878

Fax:              437 7880


ICB Branches:
1-3 Liberation Avenue
T: 4229395 / 4229389

Old Christ Church
29 Sayer Jobe Avenue
T: 4399246

28 Latrikunda Av.
Kombo Sillah Drive
T: 4377879

From the initial issuance of a licence to operate a bank in Hungary in 1994 (which was disposed in May 2007), the ICB Banking Group has within those years established or acquired commercial banks in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia and now operates its banks in ten countries.

ICB Gambia has to its advantage a decade of banking experience within a global environment and a team of skilled and versatile managers.

In 1996, the group began its first Africa operations in Ghana and today has a presence in 8 Africa countries including The Gambia.

The Group subsequently made its foray into Asia in 2003 by acquiring an indirect stake of 11.3% in Bank Internasional Indonesia, one of the largest banks in Indonesia (which was disposed on January 2008). It also acquired a controlling interest in the mid-size Bank Bumiputera in Indonesia, thereby expanding its frontiers in the banking industry."

To date, the banks operating under the ICB Banking Group banner are expanding and consolidating their presence in the host countries where financial services represent a significant pillar of the economy and constitute the fastest growing sector in the country. The number of Banks and branches is expected to increase with ICB extending its reach to other countries. The Banks benefit from strong Group support in terms of referrals of customers and businesses. Overall, the outlook is for ICB to further strengthen and expand its position as a banking entity of international stature.

In 2004, the individual ownerships of the ICB Banking Group were corporatised under the umbrella of ICB Financial Group Holdings AG, a Swiss based holding company.

On 17th May 2007, ICB Financial Group Holdings AG was listed on AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

On the 11th November 2013, FirstBank of Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of FBN Holdings PLC, finalised the acquisition of 100% equity interest in the West Africa operations of ICB Bank, which includes all operations in Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Guinea.

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