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MJ Financial Services Gambia Co. Ltd.
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Contact Address Details:
MJ Financial Services & Bureau De Change
Banjul Head Office
No. C 4, NTC Building Complex
P. O. Box 335 Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4223917
Mobile:         9965635, 9803183
Fax:            4223917


Other Branches:
MJ Financial
40 Kairaba Avenue Agency
Tel no: 9826218

Palma Rima Road
Tel no: 7951212

2 Williams Street in Banjul

7D of the Albert market
Tel / Fax: 4223917

Senegambia / Kololi opp. Sarges
T. 9919569
T. 9956447

Westfield Junction
Next to AGIB
T. 3919916

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Since 1987 MJ Finance Gambia Limited has been operating a currency exchange service from the NTC Building in Banjul as well as other locations in Serrekunda, Kololi and Senegambia.

It also acts as a collection point for overseas money transfer from the USA, UK, EU as well as local remittances up-country.

In 2002 the forex firm became a fully registered and licensed company permitted by the Central Bank to carry out currency transactions and money transfer services for the general public.

It has since become one of the foremost bureau de change in the Gambia offering a broad range of financial services like currency conversions and money transfers with some of the most reputable international remittances firms in the UK, USA, Scandinavia and other countries.

Today, MJ Finance has 15 branches dotted around the Gambia and is a member of the country's forex association called ALFOB.

International Agent Partners:
Western Union
Money Express (US)
Choice Money Transfer Inc. (UK, USA & Spain)
Ria Financial Services (Americas & Worldwide locations)


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