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Hotels in Banjul Capital (5)

Laico Atlantic Hotel 4 star
Location Map: Marina Parade, beachfront
Rooms: 204 Swimming Pool
En-suiteA/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant
Review: A fine & long established 4 star tourist class hotel in Gambia with a full set of facilities & services. From standard single bedroom suites to family apartments. It's on an old colonial thoroughfare called Regent Place.
Apollo Hotel 2 Star
Location: Ecowas Avenue
Rooms: 72 Bar & Restaurant
*En-suite ✔ *A/C ✔  
Review: A depressing, down-market place of 2 stars. The suites are all double or single with shower, WC, with fan or air conditioning.
Carlton Hotel
Location: Independence Drive
Rooms: 40 Bar & Restaurant
En-suiteA/C ✔  
A basic 4 floored accommodation block on the main road into the Banjul capital. It has en-suite shower rooms with WC, double beds and some air-conditioning.
Denton Bridge Resort
Location: Oyster Creek & seafront
Rooms: - Swimming Pool
En-suiteFan Bar & Restaurant
Review: This recreational lodge is on extensive grounds and nestled between an estuary and a beach, on the other side of Saint Mary's Island. It is ideal for fishing, boating and water sports. The bedrooms are airy with private bathing room and toilet.
Princess Diana Hotel
Location: Independence Drive
Rooms: 12 Bar & Restaurant
En-suiteA/C ✔ Self-catering
Formerly known as the Kantora, the building has 12 double and single rooms, with own shower and WC. The rates are for bed and breakfast, there is a restaurant with buffet and bar. Its polychrome stairs lead up 2 floors which have no lifts.

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