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Hotels & Lodges in Kartong, Gambia (6)

Boboi Beach Lodge
Location:  Kartong beach, south west Gambia
Rooms: 15 Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Campsite ✔
Boboi offers eco-living on the beach in 15 rooms with shared bathing & toilet facilities. Upgrade to a bungalow for more space & sea views or bring a tent.
Equator Lodge 'Tamba Kuruba'
Location:   Kartong beachfront, Kombo South
Rooms: 6  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Internet Access ✔ Campsite ✔
Sleep on a near deserted beach in 2 large en-suite bedrooms or 4 huts with double or single beds sleeping 2 each with shared bathing & toilet. A camping area is available for backpackers with use of washing facilities & WC.
Halahin Lodge
Location:   Kartong seafront
Rooms: - huts Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite ✔ Campsite ✔
Halahin is located on a near deserted section of shoreline. Bedrooms are in basic African style roundavels or block, each with its own shower, toilet, 1 double bed and seating area. The compound has windpower and solar panels for lighting and power.
Nemasu Eco-Lodge
Location: Between Gunjur / Kartong beach
Rooms: 8 Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite Self-catering ✔
Review: 8 distinctive, quality built beachfront huts (some with private shower / WC). The inside of the accommodation is quite rustic in earthy colours & yet surprisingly neat. Nemasu has a spacious, tented drinks bar & lots of covered walkways. This area of the beach has plenty of coconut trees & rhun palms, clean, golden sand & numerous mangos. *Airport transfers from airport.
Sandele Bay Eco-Retreat 4 star
Location: 100m to Kartong beach
Rooms: 14 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Car Rental ✔  
• Review: This is a deluxe standard, 4 star boutique hotel off-the-beaten-tracks on the south west Gambian coast. Sandele has bedrooms and suites, each with its own private shower, composting toilet, double or twin bed, fans, lounge area and private patio. Among the other conveniences are maid room cleaning, solar hot water heaters, electricity, airport transfers and car hire. NB the rooms do not have use of the plunge pool as these are restricted to the 2 suites.

The domed lodges have been designed to allow natural light to come in at the top and the high ceiling maximises natural cooling for guests. The suites are airy while the sturdy wooden beds comfortably sleep two people on its genuine, Egyptian cotton sheets. Each shower room / WC is of deluxe standard with lots of storage space for your towels and toiletries under the single lever wash-hand basin.

Sandele also has maid cleaning, solar hot water heaters, electricity, airport transfers & car rental. The lodge is built into the bush in order to blend it as much as possible with its natural surrounding and minimize its impacts on the local environment.
Stala Adventures
Location: On bank of Allahein River
Rooms: - Barbecue areas
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
• Review: Stay in modified, picturesque, rural style village huts with single beds for 2 or 4, with mosquito nets, storage space, private shower with wash basin and flushing WC. This is the perfect retreat for bird watchers, anglers and nature lovers. Once you get here virtually the only form of transport will be by African pirogue. This is an enjoyable and efficient way of getting to see wildlife near the river banks or go fishing among the mangrove creeks or further out towards the sea shore. You can also use the boats to take you to the Atlantic coast where you will often find large stretches of almost deserted shoreline.

Mineral water is supplied on a daily allowance basis, so do bring along your own supplies, water purification tablets or a filter. *Stala provides airport transfers from Banjul Airport.

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*A/C (air-conditioning), Wi-Fi, airport transfers & other facilities maybe limited in scope, number or optional extras. *En-suite may mean a private bathroom for 1 bedroom or shared by 2 or more bedrooms from the same suite. *NB: Before making any room booking contact the accommodation first to clarify all details & rates.
*Kartung or Kartong Village is in Kombo South District, West Coast Region.