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Hotels & Lodges in Tanji,

Kairoh Garden Guest House
Location:  Tanji Fishing Village, inland
Rooms: 18  
En-suite Bar & Restaurant ✔
This is a bush hideout, overt 2km from the coast and deep in the back roads of Tanji village. The accommodation is in a massive compound with its 18 rooms (10 with en-suite bathroom, toilet) huddled closely together. Kairoh uses well water and solar.
Nyanya's Beach Lodge
Location:    Tanji Fishing Village beach
Rooms: -  
En-suite Bar & Restaurant ✔
You stay in this place if you have no other choice nearby. There is the constant malodourous odour of fish & smoke from the fishing-curing sheds. Then there is the often littered beach and busy main gate.
Paradise Inn Lodge
Location: Riverine
Tel: +220 446 0023
Rooms: -  
En-suiteFan ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Located is in a a large tropical garden, close to the near River Karinti bird reserve, and is popular with bird watchers. They have simple thatched roundhouses, each with 2 beds, fan and mosquito net. Electricity is from a power generator during the early mornings and evenings.

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*Tanjeh Village is in Kombo South District, West Coast Region.