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Lodges in Gambia (41)

Adji's Lodge
Location: Bijilo, 150m to coastal rd.
Rooms: 6 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Self-catering
1 or 2 bedroom apartments: double bed, shower / WC, satellite TV, mains utilities & generator.
Avalon Garden Lodge
Location:  In Kololi, near beach & Senegambia
Rooms: 12  
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Self-catering
12 double bedroom huts, each with private shower, toilet, kitchen, running hot water, lounge & TV. A spare bed is available & they have backup power generator & reserve water.
Bakau Lodge
Location:   In Bakau Old Town, urban
Rooms: 6 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔  
Review: Clean mini-bungalows with basic facilities in compact compound. Each has its own shower & flushing toilet, running hot water, double bed, lounge area, fridge, tea/coffee making facility, cutlery, crockery but NO kitchen. Its location is however near to many bars & restaurants.
Banana Lodge Apartments
Location:   Brufut, easy access to main rd.
Rooms: 6  
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Swimming Pool
Wi-Fi ✔ (charged p/w) Self-catering ✔
Each apartment has a double bed, private shower, flush toilet, open-plan kitchen, living area with sofa-bed, satellite TV, fans & internet access. It also has a standby electrical generator & water tank.
Baobab Holiday Resort
Location:    Bijilo, on main rd. near beach
Rooms: 12 Bar & Restaurant
*En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Self-catering
Mini-bungalow apartments, private shower, wash-hand basin, WC, double bed, kitchenette, seating area, ceiling fan, satellite TV, patio, garden & a popular roadside restaurant. Airport transfers charged locally.
Bendula Bed & Breakfast
Location: Batokunku village, 15 mins. to beach
Rooms: 5 Bar & Restaurant
A 5 hut eco-lodge in large garden & a drinks bar. Each hut has a double bed, bathing & toilet facilities are shared, Breakfast is included in the room rates. They use wind-power for lighting.
Bintang Bolong Lodge
Location: Bintang Bolong tributary
Rooms: - Bar & Restaurant
Review: A blissful location for bird watchers, anglers & nature lovers in amongst the mangroves & 7 hectares of wilderness. Basic huts with 2 to 3 single beds, with mosquito nets, in each room; shared bathing & WC, plus drinks bar in diner.
Boboi Beach Lodge
Location:    Kartong beach, S/W Gambia
Rooms: 15 Bar & Restaurant
Review: These are either basic round huts, or sea view bungalows (more space) on the beach; well away from main tourist areas & 60km from Banjul. Boboi has shared bathing facilities & toilets. There is a designated campsite on the beach.
Bwiam Lodge
Location: Foni Kansala District, inland
Rooms: 20 Bar & Restaurant
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔  
There are 20 bedrooms, each with private shower / WC, fans, bed nets, seating, & room cleaning. They have backup generator & running water. Funds raised from guests goes to fund community projects.
Camping Sukuta & Lodge
Location: Sukuta Village (urban)
Rooms: 18  
En-suiteFan Bar & Restaurant
Wi-Fi Zone Self-catering
This accommodation has tents for hire in campsite & communal kitchen & bathing facilities; single to double bedrooms with private bathing / WC facilities. The apartment has private shower, WC, patio, kitchen fans, satellite TV & room safe.
Dalaba Lodge
Location:     Jinack Island beach
Rooms: 12 beds Bar & Restaurant
12 beds in Gambian style huts, shared shower & toilet facilities, solar power for electricity & beach hammocks are available.
Devon Lodge
Location:     Kololi, near Senegambia strip
Rooms: 4  
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Self-catering
4 apartments with double bed or twin, kitchen, own shower/WC, fans, lounge, satellite TV, private porch, room cleaning & laundry. There is regular electricity & water supplies, but NO air-conditioning.
Easy Time Lodge
Location: In Kololi, 800m to beach, Senegambia
Rooms: 19 Swimming Pool
En-suiteFan Pool bar
Wi-Fi ✔ (in rooms) Self-catering
Review: A distinctive accommodation with shared kitchen, a standby generator & poolside drinks bar encircled by African style round huts. Each room has a double bed, a shower / toilet, seating, TV, fan, mini-fridge & broadband Wi-Fi hotspot. They have a back-up generator.
Equator Lodge
Location:     Kartong seafront
Rooms: 6  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant
Internet Access ✔  
You can spend a few serene nights on a near deserted beach. Room choices are: Luxury bungalow with private shower / WC or 2 large bedrooms with shower & toilet or 4 huts with double or single beds sleeping 2 with shared bathing facility. Airport transfers service offered & they have a standby generator in case of power failure.
Farakunku Lodge
Location: Tujering, 2km inl&, Kombo South
Rooms: 4 Plunge pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Bar & Restaurant
Wi-Fi Hotspot  ✔  
4 properly maintained huts in the bush, 2km inland from the beach. Each has a king-size bed with net, shower room / WC, fan, powered up by solar. The owners have bicycles for hire & wireless internet access available for your smartphone. Farakunku has an independent solar a powered electricity supply, hot running water & uses filtered well water.
Footsteps Eco-Lodge
Location:  Gunjur, 10 mins. drive to beach
Rooms: 9 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant
Review: This is a tourist haven in the bush. Modern African style huts (double or twin beds) with own wash room & WC, spread about the tropical garden grounds. A campsite area is available. Footsteps use solar panels for electricity.
Geedema Lodge
Location: Near Brikama / Fula Kunda
Rooms: 12 huts In-house chef
En-suite ✔ Self-catering
Review: Stay in a rural Gambian lodge in a place resembling a small rustic village in bedrooms that are clean, bright & basic. It has huts with private shower & toilet. There are shared kitchen facilities & a barbecue area. Geedema uses well water stored in tanks. Hot running water is not assured from these overhead tanks.
Halahin Lodge
Location:    Kartong beachfront
Rooms: - Bar & Restaurant
En-suite ✔  
A group of simple hut rooms, each with its own shower / WC, 1 double bed & seating area. It's situated on a nearly deserted beach. It has solar power & a camping ground for those who want to pitch their own tents.
Hansen's Lodge
Location:    Kololi village, 1km to coast
Rooms: 5 Breakfast
En-suite ✔ Fan Self-catering
There are 5 suites, each with its own private shower & flush toilet, double or twin beds, living area, porch & kitchen. There is a small bar & an on-site cook to help out with meals.
Jimbana Park Eco-lodge
Location: Bakalarr village waterside
Rooms: 6 Bar & Restaurant
Bungalows along the river's edge sleeping 2 to 6 guests each with shared shower, WC & kitchen. Jimbana has a camp site with tents for rent, or you can bring your own. Jimbana has a car for rent.
Jinack Lodge
Location:  Jinack Island beachfront
Rooms: 4 huts Bar & Restaurant
En-suite ✔  
Each beachfront hut has a private shower & flush toilet. The island retreat uses solar to power the basics. They have a bird watching platform & fishing equipment.
Kasumay Lodge
Location: Kubuneh village
Rooms: 4 Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi ✔  
Kasumay has 4 huts, each with private bathing & flushing toilet, each sleeps 3 people, has electricity, running water & internet access. It is near the Gambia River & Makasutu Culture Forest, & 5 minutes to the delta of tributaries. The complex has 24 hours of electricity from solar panels & a standby electrical generator.
Kobokoto Lodge
Location:    Sanyang , 15 mins to beach
Rooms: 20 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant
The lodging has an expansive garden with 20 bedrooms, each with private shower, flushing toilet, sink, seats & porch. All are in 16 huts & a 2 storey house. Kobokoto has a backup generator.
Kuba Holiday Lodge
Location:    Gunjur village, near beach
Rooms: 4  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
4 round huts each with a double bed, own bathing room with wash-hand basin & composting toilet. The accommodation uses solar power for its electricity.
Madiyana Safari Lodge
Location:  Jinack Island oceanfront
Rooms: 8 Bar & Restaurant
Madiyana has 8 grass huts sleeping 2 guests each (double or twin beds) on a virtually deserted sandy beach. It has joint showers & toilet facilities. N.B There is NO electricity at this beach lodge.
Mandina Lodges 5 star
Location: Riverside, Makasutu Culture Forest
Rooms: 8 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Bar & Restaurant
Review: Mandina is a 5 star deluxe eco-lodge built amongst the jungle's edge & riverine mangroves. There are 8 suites in 3 types: stilted, jungle & floating lodges, each has its own bathing area, composting toilet, double bed, bed net & sunbathing terrace. Find total peace & quiet, except for the sounds of nature. N.B solar powered energy for shared amenities.
Mandinka Lodge
Location:     Kololi, near Senegambia
Rooms: 4 Plunge Pool
*En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ B&BSnacks
The lodge has 2 luxury huts, each with king-size bed, a walk-in shower, toilet & wash-hand basin, fridge, fan & seating. It also has 2 bedrooms in a guest house, each with a fan, nets & shared bathing / WC. *Airport pick-up & drop-off.

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