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HIV / Aids NGOs & Charities in Gambia

Degoo HIV/AIDS Support Organisation
Old Jeshwang, Kombo District, ksmd
.....a registered non-governmental organisation in Gambia which promotes awareness about the disease as well as disseminating advice to Aids/HIV sufferers and their spouses....
Public Health Research
& Development Centre

...(CIAM) is a research institute specialising in public health issues such as malaria, HIV / Aids & related diseases such as TB and anaemia. The centre also carries out evaluation and monitoring of large scale nationwide programmes in the region of West Africa...
Society for Women & Aids in Africa
Garba Jahumpa Road, Greater Banjul area
.....teach women about the consequences related to infection. It is the Gambian chapter of SWAA International which is a Pan-African institution based in Senegal.
Gambia Family Planning

Kanifing Municipality, Kmc
... Prevention of parent to child transmission of HIV/AIDS; STD infection Management; Voluntary counseling and lab testing for HIV/AIDS....
Future In Our Hands
Kotu South
...Health (Malaria prevention & control, HIV/Aids, hygiene, nutrition). - Women & youth capacity building & empowerment. The various Community Based Organisations (CBOs)...
Banjul capital
... Provide & support healthcare services such as reproductive & sexual health, child & maternal health & prevention of HIV/Aids & other STDs. Advocate & support activities...
Gambia Red Cross Society
53 Mamadi Manjang Highway, New Jeshwang programmes immunizations and HIV/Aids, water & sanitation, information dissemination, providing vital food and medicines, shelter...
Gambia Food & Nutrition

Kombo Coastal Road, Bakau, Banjul area raise the level of access to advisory and counselling services about HIV and other improve the nutritional wellbeing of vulnerable groups such as the chronically ill, children and mothers....
Catholic Relief Services
Atlantic Road, Fajara M Section, Western Region
...intervention areas are in urban and rural capacity building, agricultural development, microfinance, health & nutrition, malaria control, adult literacy and numeracy skills programs and Aids/HIV advisory....
Peace Corps
Fajara M Section, Kairaba Avenue
...The organisation promotes awareness and provides instruction in the fields of agriculture, education, engineering, environment, community development work and health care including HIV......
Women Advancement
& Child Care

Brikama Misira, Western Region
.....The group is also engaged in the field of early childhood development and education (ECD), advocacy in issues such as HIV/Aids, sanitation and hygiene, the...
United Purpose
Fajara M Section
...UP main targets are in finding ways to increase and maintain steady rural incomes; slowing the expansion of AIDS / HIV between people, enhance the preparedness of communities...
Child Environment
Development Association

Bakau New Town, Garba Jahumpa Road, Banjul area
Community Development Programme
HIV/Aids & STIs Programme
Street & Migrant Children...
Hands On Care
Brikama, Western Region centre was founded in 1976 and provides vitally needed medical treatment, including testing and treatment of HIV/Aids, to the people of Brikama Town for low cost or free of charge.....
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 NGOs - A to Z


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