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Car Spare Parts Companies - 3

Bourgi Company Ltd
Mamadi Manjang Highy, Old Jeshwang
Wholesale and retail importing distributors of Diamond vehicle batteries, MAG motor oils & other car parts.
Taj Ber
Old Jeshwang Highway, Banjul area
Taj Ber is an importer & retail distributing store which sells general auto parts for all the major car brands.
Hemex Trading Co Ltd
Old Jeshwang Highway
Importers & retail dealers of vehicle parts for many manufactured brands such as Daewoo, Land Rover Lexus.
Tonix Trading
Old Jeshwang Highway
Retailers of Japanese, South Korean & European parts for Mazda, BMW, Renault, Lexus, Volkswagen & other marques.
Divine Gate
DG are an auto trade spare parts store on the Mosque Road in the major part of the town.
Santa Yalla
Brikama Highway, Tabokoto
General components like motor batteries, fuel injectors, oil pumps, fuel filters.
Buga Bamba Shop
Latrikunda Sabiji, Ksmd
A store that sells vehicle replacement components & consumables such as car oil, brake fluid.
P.O. Dimex & Sons Ltd
Old Jeshwang, Mamadi Manjang Highy.
A Japanese Marque vehicle specialist for Toyota, Hyundai, Isuzu, Mazda and other similar brands.
Awada Tech Co Ltd
Mamadi Manjang Highy, Old Jeshwang
They stock sales of Japanese, European & US motor parts for Toyota, Volvo, Audi, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Dodge & other makes.
Greener Home
Car Accessories

Kairaba Avenue, Serrekunda
A specialist dealer in auto accessories & consumables such foot mats, seat covers, taxi lights & engine oil.
Mansour Trading
- Kapci Car Paint

Banjul / Serrekunda Highy, Old Jeshwang
They run an autos body spray painting workshop & are the official agent for Kapci Coatings imported from Egypt.
Sunny Enterprise
Bijilo Coastal Road.
An auto replacement components and accessories store.
Soura Company Ltd
Brikama Highway, Tabokoto
A general merchandise store with  emulsions, car batteries, motorcycle bike parts, engine oil lubricants & more.
YNK Enterprise Ltd
Old Jeshwang, Banjul area, Sarro
The business specialises in the retail distribution of various types & sizes of auto tyres & batteries such as Toyo, GT Radial, Crown & Boliden batteries etc.
Autofix Gambia Co Ltd
Banjul / Serrekunda Highway
An importing retail shop of motor parts from Germany, Britain, France & Sweden for brands such as Volvo, Citroen, Peugeot, Mercedes, Audi etc.
A. Sumareh Motors
Bakau New Town
A retail distributor of car spare parts.
Baroud Auto
Old Jeshwang Highway, Kanifing
Sales of used auto parts.
Ceesay Kunda Parts
Sales of spare parts, consumable like auto oil and motor accessories.
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