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Chili Peppers

GHE Ltd.
Mamadi Manjang Highway, Banjul area
...a key Gambian producer and exporter of out-of-season tropical fruits and crop vegetables which includes mangos, French beans, hot chilies (Capsicum annuum),...
Banjul Premier Supplies
.....a West African supplier of various foodstuffs such as smoked and frozen fish, vegetables and locally grown cereals for export to various overseas markets......Wonjo (Roselle), hot green, red & yellow chilli peppers.
Gambia Is Good
Banjul area, Fajara M Section
GiG delivers to the main populated areas of KSMD which are Bakau, Serrekunda at Westfield, Fajara, Kololi, Cape Point, Kotu and the Senegambia hotel area......  Chili peppers (hot) Courgette......
Nyambai Agricultural Inputs
The firm sells various types of fertilizers and seeds for chilies, aubergines, pawpaw, melons, lettuce,...
M.A. Kharafi & Sons
128a Kairaba Avenue, Fajara, Banjul area
The General Manager of Agricultural Products is Dr. A. El Ezaby while the area manager is Mr. Mohamed Nagaty. The farm grows maize, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers,...
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