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Civil Litigation Lawyers in Gambia

Bansang Chambers
This is a reputable Gambian law firm specialising generally on commercial and civil litigation.  As lawyers they provide both solicitor and barrister services for the clients...
Semega Chambers
They can handle a broad range of legal issues and cases such as tort, business contracts, estates, criminal defence, civil litigation, company formations,...
Amie Bensouda & Co.
Banjul capital
Dispute Resolution & Civil Litigation:- The attorneys have wide experience in all types of litigation and helps companies and sole proprietorships settle or steer clear...
Solie Law Chambers
Fajara M Section
The partnership is also engaged in advocacy in civil litigation matters helping to resolve claims and counter claims, disputes between individuals, companies, state and local government authorities. These take the form of contract disputes or civil injury accidents...


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