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Cosmetics Distributors in Gambia

Ceesay Kunda Shop
Banjul capital, Mosque Road
A retail jewellers of wrist watches and women's cosmetics.
Divya's Fashion
Kairaba Avenue, Banjul area
...22 carat gold plated jewellery such as necklaces and bangles, Asian footwear like sandals and pumps as well as ladies cosmetics....
Malak Chemist
Banjul, Kairaba Avenue
The pharmacy is also an importer of high quality pharmaceutical products from Europe and the USA for distribution...Among these are cosmetics...
Mohammed Da Youth
Shop Enterprise

Liberation Avenue, Banjul
A fashion shop distributing women's shoes and cosmetics ranges.
Ndey Awa Enterprises
retail shop who stock good standard African and continental European style clothing, cosmetics, hand bags, footwear and textile materials...
Njufa's Salon & Fashion
Serrekunda, Musa Ring Ceesay Street
...facial treatments with the latest cosmetics products available....
Pippa's Boutique
...a clothing and children's retail shop on the old Pipeline Road selling kids & babies clothes, infant's toys, milk feeding bottles,  leather school shoes, ladies fashion clothes, women's lingerie, cosmetics,...
Raffet Boutique Ltd
Bakoteh Estate Layout
The fashion shop is a retailer of women's clothing fashions as well as cosmetics.  They sell imported,...
Veronic's Salon &
Cosmetic Salon

Banjul area, Serrekunda
...manicures & pedicures, bridal dressing arrangement and hair styling.
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