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Engines in Gambia

Mansour Trading Company Gambia Ltd.
Banjul, Old Jeshwang Highway
...importers of auto spare parts shop who are specialist for supplying replacement parts for Mercedes Benz, Audi, Toyota, Renault, Nissan, BMW...second-hand engines, exhausts, windscreen wipers...
Nyima's Machinery Enterprise
950 Brusubi Layout, Banjul area
...a plant and building vehicle machinery rentals company that  imports and hires out heavy construction equipment....generators, (CAT) Caterpillar machines & engines from China & the US.....
Shyben Madi & Sons Ltd.
Liberation Avenue, Banjul
.......major importers and distributors of a number of general products and commodities including, fertilizer, petroleum and lubricants, marine Yamaha engines outboard engines,...
Spare Parts Gambia Ltd.
The auto spare parts retail outlet offers sales of imported car parts which includes engines, gearboxes, bearings, break pads, axils, shock absorbers....
T.E.X.T & Sons
Mamadi Manjang Highway, Old Jeshwang, Banjul area
A transportation firm dealing in imported cars, trucks, engines, tyres and motor spare parts retail sales.
CCT-Gambia Company Ltd.
3 Kairaba Avenue, Serrekunda, Banjul area
...the firm's shop are bulk importers and retail distributors of fishing  equipment & supplies such as nets, twines, ropes, rods, hooks, life jackets, outboard motor engines etc. in the West Africa region....
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