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Immigration Lawyers in Gambia

Gal Ngoneh Fambai Chambers
Practice Areas / Services:...
Fraudulent Insurance Claims
Health & Safety Law
Immigration and Nationality...
Mansajang Solicitors
61A Liberation Avenue, Banjul capital
Providing legal advice to Clients on matters involving consumer law, negligence, employment disputes, immigration and family law matters.
Badou S.M. Conteh
59 Mosque Road, Dippakunda, Serrekunda
..... Immigration Law Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Infringement & Patents International Law Litigation and Appeals.....
Solie Law Chambers
2nd Street East, Fajara M Section
Immigration, Visa & Nationality Issues: Advising clients on The Gambia's immigration and nationality laws, rules and regulations. These could take the form of advocacy on visa extensions, extended visitor permits, permanent residency,
Amie Bensouda & Co.
Banjul capital
Residual Service Areas:- Employment Agreements Labour Issues Immigration Labour Policies...

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