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Supermarkets on Kairaba Avenue

Discount Centre
Fajara M Section, Pipeline Road
DC is a small food retailer in a residential district which distributes all the familiar brand groceries & body care products from around the world.
Right Choice
Their headquarters & main branch is on Kairaba Avenue. Among their retail provisions are Fontana & Baggio fruit juices, Richmond Teas, Enliven bodily products, Aloha skin care products, Kulfi ice cream & more.
Tijara Enterprise
The firm has stocks of confectionery, phone cards, purified water, Maaza drinks, Power Malt, biscuits, crackers and other items.
Good Day Mini Market
Located half-way along the Kairaba Avenue this store displays all manner of regularly purchased food-stuffs, juices, washing powder & cleaning products.
Kairaba Shopping Center
This is the largest supermarket in Gambia which is decked on two floors. Their wide range of products means you can usually find one of your favourite items on their shelves.
Safeway Supermarket
The store has high ceilings, is very cool and nice wide aisles displaying familiar brands of groceries from frozen foods and Quaker Oats to baby and pet food. They also stock a large range of imported wines from around the world.
Stop Step Supermarket
This store is part of Stop Step Pharmacy and is a mini-market selling basic groceries.
Harry's Supermarket
Kairaba Avenue
This is a long established food retailer in Gambia with a delicatessen counter, chilled food cabinets and rows of tinned and packeted foods on display.
A - Z Supermarket
This store is at the far end of Kairaba Avenue at Westfield Junction. It also stocks a large variety of non-food items such as footballs, blenders, electronic items & other items for the home. You can find Halal meats sold here.
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