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Restaurants in Kololi (Gambia)

Ali Baba Restaurant
Kololi, Senegambia Strip
Review: International cuisine, African food......Ali Baba Garden Restaurant has been in Gambia since 1996. Today many first time patrons have become repeat customers as the food is great....
Kololi Village Shopping Centre
Review: A Lebanese run diner which is Just a stones throw to the Senegambia Strip area. They prepare and serve a good range of Middle Eastern and European cuisine...
Horseshoe Shopping Complex
Review:.....a French patisserie & Viennoiserie in the Horseshoe Shopping Complex in the Kololi tourist district and is run by a couple of French pastry chefs.....
Chosaan Restaurant
Senegambia Strip, Banjul area
Review: Not really an establishment you would go to if you want a little peace and quiet as it is smack bang in the middle of the tourist hotspot....
Cotton Club
Kololi, Senegambia
Review: Excellent drink cocktails, dinners, and live music including jazz. There is a choice of Al a Carte or basic meals as well as an Afra place built to the side of the restaurant.
El Sol Restaurant
Mexican Cuisine & Beyond
Senegambia, Opposite Holiday Beach Club
Gaya Art Café
Bertil Harding Highway
Continental European
Review: The idea of the Gaya Art Cafe was in development over many years through the proprietors world wide travels and observations of many cultures....
Green Mamba Garden
Next to Senegambia Hotel parking
Review: The food consists of Mongolian & Gambian dishes served with their secret sauces....
Jewel of India
Senegambia strip area, Kololi
Review: It is an exciting mix of varied spices, with pleasant aromas. Try their Punjabi "tandoori" cooking which uses a large earthen oven which is half-sunk into the ground...
The Kora
Turn off the Senegambia strip and head toward Bijilo...
Review: The Kora Restaurant was established in in 2001. The restaurant boasts local and European style cuisines set in an atmosphere that celebrates the African spirit.
La Valbonne
Review: This is an up-market joint serving genuine Italian cuisine in an exquisite setting. The food is delicious
Strictly Italian food.
Review: This is a real family restaurant which is part of the Luigi's Holiday Apartments of Gambia. I appreciate that kids of all ages, (like up to a hundred years old) know and enjoy risotto, spaghetti, tagliatelle, pizza and past...
Maddies Beach Club
Kololi Beach,
Review: Their food and drinks menu features a lunch and dinner menu such as the Tapas cuisine menu which is a wide variety of Spanish snacks and appetizers....
Senegambia Strip
Review: Delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine served close to the Kairaba Hotel. They are open for dinner while their drinking area is open all day. Seating.....
Olivia Bar & Restaurant
Senegambia Strip
Review: This is a newly opened family run diner of 5 star quality located next door to the Kairaba Hotel. It serves International, Lebanese & Gambia cuisine.
Poco Loco Beach Bar
Seaview Plaza Road
Scala and Tao
Senegambia strip
Danish family run restaurant with extensive menu and good steaks. The Scala's offerings are a blend of Pan-Asian influences enclosed in a building shaped like a Pagoda.
Sea Shells Bar & Restaurant
Banjul area, Senegambia, Bertil Harding Highway
This is a highly recommended, 5 star, top quality diner in Gambia. Great food and an attentive staff with nice atmosphere.
Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
Near Palma Rima Hotel
Menu Overview: Spring rolls, crispy roast duck & pork, chicken stir fried rice, Wonton soup, Crab Rangoon.
Steak in Mango sauce: Barracuda in Mustard and Paprika: Chicken in Brandy and Red Wine sauce: Butterfish in Orange and Grapefruit sauce.
Solomon's Beach Bar
Palma Rima Road
Review: The restaurant is cheap however, they serve well cooked seafood without much delay and you can choose to sit in the well ventilated seating area inside or outside...
Uncle Sam Restaurant
Seafood grills, international and local Gambian cuisine.
Review: If you don't mind eating outside where it is truly bustling with tourists from the Kairaba Hotel & Senegambia Hotels then once inside the restaurant...
Vineyard Restaurant
Kololi Village Complex, Bertil Harding Highway
Menu Overview: Moroccan, Italian, Greek, Indian and local dishes.
Wild Monkey
Just off the Senegambia strip
Dishes served includes African and International cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with regular Gambian entertainment from Djembe drums to the Mamapara.
D'Nubian Seafood Garden
Seaview Plaza
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