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Lumber Distributors in Gambia

Batimat Co Ltd
14-15 Mamadi Manjang Highway materials, household fittings & equipment under one roof specifically aimed at the construction industry & the local DIY market........ Complete bathroom fixtures and fittings. Lumber.
Nyambai Saw Mill Co Ltd
Kanifing Industrial Estate, 10 Moukhtara Street
...capacity production of 0.5 cbm per day with quantities produced being 122 cubic metres of lumber per day.....Most of the cut timber is either imported from Casamance, Senegal, or is logged down at its Sifoe plantation...
Household Furniture 
Building Materials     Timber

Above you can find each distributors' basic information, contact addresses, telephone numbers, emails, faxes & main locations in the Greater Banjul area, ksmd, of the western coast region of West Africa.

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