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Night Clubs
All the best night spots around Kololi, Senegambia Strip, Kotu, Serrekunda, Fajara, Kairaba Avenue playing dance, pop, Mbalax, techno, hip hop & other music genres.
Some home grown and foreign based Gambian musical entertainment promoters organising festivals, showcasing new artists' recordings as well as organising drum & dance holidays.
Recording Studios
Numerous sound production firms who do composition, arrangement, mastering, recording and special effects to produce finished album CDs and singles.
CD stores selling music tracks in Banjul areas of Dippakunda, Serrekunda and Kololi.


Above you will find each businesses' information, contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, websites, faxes & locations in the Greater Banjul area of the western coast region.

Gambia Business Directory
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