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Saint Martha's Society
Fajikunda, Banjul area
The non-profit organisation works to increase the income of women through skills training programs.
Sanna's Foundation for the Needy
SFN is a registered, non-profit organisation that was founded to help disaster struck & socially disadvantaged individuals and families in deprived communities.
Sandika Petty Traders Association
Juffure Street, Serrekunda, Ksmd
It represents fruit & vegetable stallholders and small retailers of clothing and hardware goods.
Self-Reliant Development

140 Bundung Highway, Kanifing Municipality
SERDA aims to increase the economic capacity of local communities by funding garden farming, chicken rearing, skills training & establishing nursery schools.
Senegambia Craft Association
Cape Point, Bakau
Representing trading raftsmen working & selling in the local tourist district.
Sharab Medical Center
Kanifing Layout
SMC is a charitable health foundation aiming to provide good quality medical care to the poor & better off members of the community.
Sheikh Abdullah Jah
Charitable Foundation

Fajara M Section, 4th Street
SAJCF provides free medical treatment for people living in rural villages as well as training for mobile health workers.
Sheikh Zayed Eye Care Centre
Kanifing Municipality
The charity run clinic provides treatments for eye disorders, diseases as well as being a training centre for ophthalmologists in West Africa.
Kairaba Avenue, Fajara M Section, Ksmd
It has been treating people with eye diseases & conditions in the country since the 1950s such as trachoma, river blindness, cataract and glaucoma.
Simma Vocational Training Centre
96 Bundung Highway, Serrekunda
SVTC provides training for Gambian girls in courses such as tailoring, IT, cooking, accountancy, first aid etc.
Society of Gambian Sculptors
Mosque Road, Serrekunda
The SGC represents wood carvers of masks, figurines & other objects aimed mainly at the tourist market.
Society for Women & Aids
in Africa

Bakau New Town, 49 Garba Jahumpa Road
SWAAGAM promotes dissemination of information about HIV prevention & infection in women.
SOS Children's Village
Bakoteh Estate
SOS is an education charity assisting orphans and providing schooling to the general child population. It also has a medical centre treating women & babies.
Stay Green Foundation
Essau Village, North Bank Region
SGF was founded to prevent desertification & environmental damage caused by farming methods as well as introducing cashew growing to farmers.
Synergy of Expatriate Educators
Kairaba Avenue, Fajara Banjul area
SEEG has a scheme titled Teach In The Gambia for qualified teachers & university graduates to work in schools & higher educational institutions.
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