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Fajara M Section, Banjul area
The Association of Non-Governmental Organisations is the umbrella organisation that represents registered NGOs in The Gambia.
Kololi, Banjul area, Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
Tostan aims to encourage non-formal education & local development taking on issues related to poverty & hunger, primary education, gender equality, health & HIV.
Tourism & Travel Association
Banjul area
TTAG represents hoteliers, restaurants, tour operators, bar owners, & works closely with various tourist bodies & associations.
Trust Agency For Rural Development
Gunjur Town
TARUD intervention areas are in health, hygiene, early childhood development, water supplies & increasing incomes.
United Purpose (UP)
Fajara M Section
An international NGO from the UK helping poor Gambian rural communities with livelihoods, AIDS/HIV, agricultural development, natural disaster preparedness.
Vision Development Foundation
Banjul, Latrikunda Sabiji
VDF is a CSO involved in constructing health clinics, providing access to small loans, youth self-employment, savings & loans & enhancing self-sufficiency.
Fajara M Section, 22 Atlantic Road
Voluntary Services Overseas is from the UK & they work in teaching in schools, increasing livelihoods, helping the disabled with an emphasis in rural areas.
Wassu Gambia Kafo
Fajara F Section
WGK's main goals is to aid healthcare & the Medical Training School, give donations to health centres, assisting child education & researching female circumcision.
West African Network For Peace
Bakau New Town
WANEP represents 20 civil society organisations which promote the capacity of peace building bodies & develop conflict prevention systems to enhance stability.
Winner's Chapel International
World Mission Agency
WCI The Living Faith Church aims to satisfy the spiritual needs of parts of the general population. It's congregation has over 1,000 members.
Women Advancement
& Child Care

WACC is a pro-poor community based program focusing on agriculture, education, food distribution & skills training.
Women Centre for Education
& Empowerment

WCEE  has a school for training females in practical skills in a number of subjects.
Women in Services Development
Organisation & Management

WISDOM is a pro-poor women's NGO whose goals are to raise the economic capacity of women & promote their equal treatment in society.
Wonder Years Centre
of Excellence

Manjai Kunda, Hermann Gmeiner Highway
WYCE is a children's charity which promotes skills training, health, education & self sufficiency in line with government development policy.
World Evangelism for
Christ International

33 Kairaba Avenue, Serrekunda
WEC International is a Christian mission who carry out skills training, promote education & adult literacy, healthcare and livelihoods.
Worldview International Foundation
Bakau New Town, 49 Garba Jahumpa Road
WIF works in the areas of environmental protection via initiatives such as encouraging fuel efficient stoves, agro-forestry, tree planting etc.
Wuli & Sandu Development Agency
Kerewan Badala Village, Jah Kunda
WASDA's intervention areas are in agriculture & child education.
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