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Kombo East Tesito Association
Brikama Town
KETA promotes food quality, shelter, job seeking, income generation for women & maintaining emergency stocks of cereals.
Kutejumbulu 2BAB Foundation
Jinack Island, Niumi
The NGO is engaged in garden farm projects, runs a health clinic, assists in education & provides microcredit.
Lend A Hand Society
Kanifing South
LAHS does student sponsorship schemes, promotes self esteem, responsibility, HIV / Aids awareness and leadership.
Lighthouse Chapel International
Bakau, Sait Matty Road, Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
LCI promotes the gospel and teachings of the Bible.
Lisa Kent Trust
Kombo south & Cambridge
This is a UK & Gambian registered charity working to help kids in education by building and equipping schools for children from 3 years up to 16 years.
Makasutu Wildlife Trust
Abuko Nature Reserve
MWT is at the Darwin Field Station For Biodiversity Research, Education and Training.
Medical Research Council
Fajara, Atlantic Road
MRC is from the UK and is a communicable tropical diseases unit which carries out research & treats patients.
Mennonite Educational &
Horticultural Development Associates

Pirang Village
MEHDA is a charity running community development programs.
Methodist Mission Agricultural

Brikama, Nyambai
MMAP helps farmers in all areas of animal husbandry & horticulture i.e. crop cultivation, livestock rearing, borehole digging to processed food production.
Miranda Nehme Group
Fajara, Banjul area
They offer scholarships and advice for students intending to study overseas in the UK, USA or China.
Muslim Hands
40 Mosque Road, Latrikunda German
MH is an Islamic charitable organisation carrying out poverty alleviation, pupil sponsorship programs, emergency aid, food & water supplies & elderly help.
MyFarm Gambia StartUp
Sukuta, Coastal Road
Africa StartUp charitable foundation offering agricultural training, basic education, entrepreneurship & environmental awareness from grade 6 to school leavers at MyFarm.
National Association of
Cooperative Credit Unions

Bertil Harding Highway, Kanifing
NACCUG is the umbrella organisation for credit unions in the country providing training & marketing services to its members.
National Association of
Food Processors

Atlantic Road, Bakau
NAFP advocates for the drinks, fruit & vegetable processing businesses.
National Association of Youth
& Children's Organisations

National Beekeepers
Association Gambia

(NBAG) Brikama
It tries to facilitate the production of local honey from farmers as an alternative source of income. It also buys in the product at fair trade prices.
National Farmers Association
for Poverty Alleviation

NAFA promotes literacy, eco-tourism & makes microfinance available to rural communities.
National Savings & Credit

Brikama Town highway
NASACA is a national S&L scheme providing small loans to self employed traders & other workers.
National Women Farmers

(NAWFA) Kairaba Avenue
The organisation represent around 48,000 female agriculturalists and focuses on various areas of agriculture.
Njawara Agricultural Training

Njawara Village, North Bank, Lower Baddibu
NATC works with farmers to improve farm productivity & efficiency by introducing novel methods & using best practice.
Nova Scotia-Gambia Association
Kanifing South, NSGA
A charity from Canada engaged in development activities of education and health focused on youth and general rural communities.
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