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Poverty Relief NGOs & Charities P.3

Opera Africa
The organisation based in Kanifing & Madina Salaam Village. is an NGO from the UK working in Gambia to relieve poverty through sustainable community development projects in agriculture, child health, women's empowerment.
Pro-Poor Advocacy Group
Bakau New Town, Banjul area
The Pro-Pag body was set up to address the economic situation of the poorest people in Gambia via various program initiatives with government.
Project Aid The Third World
Manjai Kunda, Banjul area
This is a non-profit charity organisation promoting agricultural productivity, education and healthcare in the community in order to reduce & eradicate poverty.
Sanna's Foundation for
the Needy

SFN is a registered, non-profit organisation that was founded to help disaster struck & socially disadvantaged individuals and families in deprived communities.
Self-Reliant Development

Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd, Bundung Highway
SERDA aims to increase the economic capacity of communities to become self sufficient through skills training, poultry farming, horticulture & nursery schools.
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 Types of NGOs      
 NGOs - A to Z


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