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Restaurant Locations in Gambia

Banjul Capital
Reviews, directions and contact address details for diners located in the capital of Banjul. These include the Lucky Seafood, Nefertiti Beach Bar.
Bamboo Beach Bar, Jaama, Sunbird Beach Bar & La Pirogue.
Cape Point
Calypso, Chapman's, Fan Fang, Sandplover, Italian Connection, Ocean Clipper and Sunshine Beach Bar.
Koko Curry Indian Restaurant, Butcher's Shop, Clay Oven, Golden Bamboo Garden, Leybato, Alaeldin, Leybato, Mama's Bar, Stone's Bar & Lounge.
Kololi & Senegambia Strip
Ali Baba, All Italiana, Chosaan, Cotton Club, Gaya Art Cafe, Green Mamba Garden, Jewel of India, The Kora, La Valbonne, Luigi's, Maddies Beach Club, Paradiso, Scala & Tao & others.
Domino, Jewel of India Restaurant, Juffureh Beach Bar, Kotu Point Beach Bar, Sailor's Bar.
Kairaba Avenue
Fajara M Section & Serrekunda
Includes the following types of restaurants: Indian, Moroccan, fast food, patisseries, cafes, Lebanese, Chinese
These are mostly made up of fast food restaurants as this place is very busy urban environment and not well geared toward quiet wining and dining.
 Restaurants     Types of Restaurants


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