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Rice Importers in Gambia

Midland Trading Group
26 Ecowas Avenue, Banjul Capital, West Africa
.......and distribution of perishable commodities such as vegetable cooking oil, wheat flour, tinned milk powder, bags of rice and tomato puree / plum.....
George Banna & Co.
Banjul capital, 5 Liberation Avenue
The various rice imports are for example are milled long grain white rice varieties such as perfumed Jasmine and 5%, 25%, 50%  & 100% broken IR85 polished from countries such as Thailand and Pakistan.
Gamfood Trading Company
Kombo Sillah Drive, Serrekunda, Banjul area
...a wholesale importer and distributor of various basic food commodities like sugar (approx 50 container loads / 1,350 metric tons ), rice, tinned tomato puree and...
Shyben Madi & Sons Ltd.
3A Liberation Avenue, Banjul
...major importers and distributors of a number of general products and commodities including, fertilizer, petroleum and lubricants,......sugar, Royal Delica Milk, and rice.
Kairaba Shopping Center
Kairaba Avenue
Tajco was started in Gambia in 1993 as an importer of food stuffs importing mainly groceries such as bags of rice, cooking oil, flour, sugar, fruits, ice cream,...
Maroun's Supermarket
...chain stores in in greater Banjul at Kololi and Serrekunda. They are importers and distributors of a wide range of household branded food items such as...Fanta, Sprite, Tilda Basmati Rice,...
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