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Banjul Ferry Service
Once you have paid & entered the departure terminal there is nothing in the way of refreshments & the toilet facilities leave a lot to be desired. So do be prepared.
Eekos Ltd.
Specialist borehole drilling using a rig & pump connection choices with single holes... Low water consumption methods, composting toilets & greywater utilisation...
Gambia River Excursions
The tour company offers a wide selection of half day excursions.....Each boat has a maximum carrying capacity of 40 people & for the convenience of passengers on board each has a toilet, kitchen & drinks bar.
Jane's Boats
A private charter boat company located at Denton Bridge in Banjul....Each of the vessels includes a drinks bar, lower galley area, toilets, rods, reels  & crew....
Saine Cleansing Service
Dippa Kunda, 9 Musaring Ceesay St.
....registered company of cleaning contractors operating within the Greater Banjul.....Disinfect bathroom & toilet areas at least two times a  day......Sweep & mop all toilets thoroughly.....
Toilets & Pit Latrines
In urban areas, toilets are most common in business & hotels; up-country, a hole in the ground, lined with cement (called a pit latrine) is usually the way to go.
Toilet Units    Bathroom Fixtures
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