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Agency For The Development of Women & Children (ADWAC)

Contact Address:
Agency For The Development
of Women & Children

ADWAC Head Office
North Bank Region
PO Box 828 Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 5720106 
Fax:              5720075


ADWAC Gambia is a registered non-governmental organisation which was established in 1996. Their main objective is to increase the capacity of women and children to overcome poverty in their agricultural communities by utilising a multi-sectoral approach.

Its main areas of community intervention are in food security, school education, training of women, healthcare, HIV/Aids information, women's enterprise development, community resources management, microfinancing and loans, literacy campaigns and adult education.

For example in carrying out marketing research for growers of garden vegetables in Kerewan in 2008 in order to evaluate the commercial viability of their crops and to formulate appropriate strategies to overcome hurdles faced by female growers.

As the strategic partner of gorta in Gambia ADWAC has developed a water storage pond in Njabba Kunda Eco-Zone in the North Bank. This was followed by a small scale village watershed management program. A study of the target area was made to look at water movement which caused erosion and the fast run-off. This was later scaled up to programs used to increase ground penetration, tree planting exercises,  management of water transit points to reduce erosion and the development of gullies.

Over time it is hoped these best practices will create sustainable agriculture and improve the productivity of the Njabba Kunda horticultural area as well as the lives of the local villagers.
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