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BAFROW, Gambia

Contact Address:


214 Tafsir Demba Mbye St.
Tobacco Road Estate
Banjul capital
PO Box 2854 Serrekunda
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4223270 
Fax:              4223266


The Gambia Foundation for Research on Women's Health, Productivity and the Environment  (BAFROW) was established in Banjul in July 1991 as a registered NGO and became a charitable trust in 1992. The civil society organisation's main areas of focus is on women's social empowerment, health, environmental issues and economic welfare.

BAFROW aims to help the central government's development programs via its economic and social empowerment schemes with the aim of improving the welfare of people living in certain communities. These programs are executed at the local, regional and countrywide levels which includes the Upper River Region, Central River Region, the Greater Banjul area, Western River Region and the Kombos.

The organisation is funded by monies created by its founders and revenues generated through consultation research and related services. Its community schemes are financed by donations and grants made within The Gambia and from international donors.

BAFROW's future vision is a wider and more inclusive view of the individual's capacity, with a large focus on enhanced knowledge, skills building and information. Their ultimate goal is to ensure Gambian people have social, economic and political empowerment, to allow citizens, especially women, to make better informed decisions on issues that have an effect on their lives. And finally, to take part in and benefit from national and local community development programs and to demand their rights and improve their quality of life and health.

Detailed Objectives:
Provide & support healthcare services such as reproductive & sexual health, child & maternal health & prevention of HIV/Aids & other STDs.

Advocate & support activities on women & environmental management & protection.

Create action research programs and mobilize campaigns against detrimental cultural practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM) in Gambia, promote alternative rights of passage and encourage  positive traditional practices.

Spread awareness about political, social, economic and environmental issues and allow groups to give meaning of such issues and express means for actions dealing with them.

Push for women's economic empowerment through village savings schemes, micro-financing and capacity building in enterprise management and planning.

Reinforce institutional and community capacity, civic empowerment, community involvement in socio-economic development at all stages as beneficiaries and partners.

Produce empirical data and gender analysis about females and issues related to their capacity based on pilot projects, case studies and research.

Advance women's and girls education through advocating for the keeping of girls at all grades within the schooling system and basic literacy tuition for women who have been by-passed or neglected by the education establishment.

Encourage a high rate of networking between community groups in the rural and urban areas.

Support and strengthen Youth Advocacy Groups of BAFROW for the prevention of HIV/AIDS in Gambia.

BAFROW is lead by a director who is helped by a deputy and various program coordinators for the following:

Action research, M&E, documentation and information dissemination.

Economic & social empowerment of communities & women.

Environment and gender.

Mobile clinics.

Program sustainability.

Well Woman and Family Clinics (WWFHC).

Youth Empowerment and reproductive health rights.

Serrekunda Well Woman and Family Clinic
Mosque Road
Kanifing Municipality, Ksmd
Tel no: +220 373 7411

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