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Gambia Experience Bird Watching Holidays To Gambia

Contact Address:
Gambia Experience
Bird Watching Tours
Company HQ: Cutter House
1560 Parkway
Solent Business Park
Fareham, Hampshire,
PO15 7AG, UK
Tel no:  +44 01489 866939
(hotel bookings & flight reservations)
Fax no: +44 0845 330 2045

Contact Address in Gambia:
The Gambia Experience
c/o Senegambia Beach Hotel
PO Box 2373 Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa
Tel no: +220 4461104 / 4460317

Regular Birding Tours
Going with the Gambia Experience bird watchers from the UK will take a trip to different habitats for the best chance of spotting the broadest range of bird species, including tours to Abuko Nature Reserve in the Kombo North/Saint Mary District. Here you can see African darters, bee-eaters,  and Hammerkops.

You can also go on walking tours of Kotu Stream and it outlying bird habitats such as rice fields and a trip by boat, allowing you to see aquatic birds with the possibility of seeing the occasional bottle-nose dolphin in the Gambia River estuary. There is also the option of visiting and staying in the Makasutu Culture Forest. Birdwatching tour prices are in addition to your holiday package price.

Malick Suso Bird Watching Tours
He has over 25 years of experience bird watching in Gambia and is knowledgeable about the various habitats and where to find rare bird species. He has been called one of the best bird watchers and guides in The Gambia. There are 3 day birdwatching tours headed by Malick.

For 3 days you will be taken to a selection of bird habitats. At Kotu Stream and it's outlying area you can see a large variety of waders, some kingfishers, and perhaps a hard to find bittern. At the Tanji Karinti Bird Reserve you may see up to four tern species plus a batch of other coastal species and sea birds. While at Brufut Woods you can spot long-tailed nightjars and white-faced scops owl. Whilst at the nature reserve at Abuko you can see lanner falcon and numerous other birds.

* Note: Gambia Experiences itinerary and tour prices may change from time to time so do please check with the tour operator before a booking a birdwatching holiday to Gambia, West Africa.

* Make sure you bring along your latest bird watching equipment such as a good pair of power binoculars, tripod, bird spotting scope, and other accessories such as field guides to the birds of The Gambia.
 Bird Watching Tour Operators
 Bird Watching Information

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