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Gambia Family Planning Association

Contact Address:
Gambia Family Planning Association
GFPA Banjul area head office
Mamadi Manjang Highy
PO Box 325 Banjul
Kanifing Industrial Estate
Ksmd, Kmc
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4391945 
Fax:              4392463


Branches: Reproductive Health Clinic
Tel: 4398387 - Tel:4370325

The Gambia Family Planning Association (GFPA) is a voluntary NGO that was established in 1968 by a retired doctor named Dr. Samuel J. Palmer. It began by mainly to offer planned parenthood information and services to the general population especially women in their reproductive age.

Today, it is focused on disseminating  and promoting quality sexual and reproductive health information and rights for all men and women in The Gambia, particularly young people, and protecting people against AIDS/HIV via lobbying, advocacy, advice, behaviour change counselling, use of contraception and the provision of health care services for partners and individuals.

The GFPA is run by volunteers who help formulate policy and make decisions for the Association which are then carried out through bodies at the district, divisional and national levels throughout the whole of the Gambia. The National Council, elected by the General Assembly every two years, performs the executive functions of the Association.

The work of the GFPA is carried out through local meetings, discussions, lectures, home visits, and videos.

The organisation is an affiliated member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

Kanifing SRH Clinic Services:

Ante-natal care;

Family planning counselling and contraception delivery;
   KAIRO oral conceptive pills, COOL Condoms
   Gambia social Marketing Program (GSMMP)

Treatment of out-patients;

Infant health welfare such as immunizations against childhood diseases;

Infertility/sub-fertility treatments;

Laboratory testing services;

Operation for gynaecological & obstetrics cases;

Prevention of parent to child transmission of HIV/AIDS;

STD infection Management;

Voluntary counseling and lab testing for HIV/AIDS.

Kanifing Reproductive Health Clinic
Tel: 4398387

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