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Imres (Gambia) Co. Ltd.

Contact Address:
Imres BV Company Ltd.
PO Box 1488, Banjul
Mamadi Manjang Highway
Imres Building, Kanifing
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4377645
                     4498269 / 4377647
                     4377648 / 9905069
Fax:              4377646


Imres BV is one of the Gambia's leading pharmaceuticals importers and supplier of general medications, specialist &  generic medicines including HM, bio-medical equipment, hospital furniture including wheelchairs and veterinary medicines.

Its parent company, which was founded in  founded in 1980, is a medical wholesale company providing high quality complete medical solutions to UN organisations, NGOs and MOHs. It is GDP and ISO certified no. 9001/2000.

Their CE marked product range includes medical instruments, diagnostic kits, disposables, aprons, sutures, hospital furniture, bandages, dressings and diagnostic equipment.

Holden Medical is the manufacturing division of the company while Imres manages the wholesale stock and distribution operations around the world.

Imres only supplies organisations that have a permit to handle medications or who can prove that they run a chemist or medical facility. They can also sell to Non-Governmental Organisations and Ministries of Health.

Imres BV
Larserpoortweg 26
8218 NK Lelystad
The Netherlands


Phone: +31 (0)320 29 69 69
Fx:       +31 (0)320 29 69 29

Health Services      Pharmacies
Pharmaceuticals Importers

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