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Inking About Africa

Contact Address:
Inking About Africa
Banjul area &
Stowmarket, Suffolk
United Kingdom
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +44 0 7927 739146 


Inking About Africa is a UK not-for-profit charity which working in Gambia. It was established in 2011 by Mark Hickie and Faye McSloy to raise funds to aid schools and children in The Gambia by recycling used ink cartridges, toners and old cell phones and re-selling them to the public.

The main goal of the Inking About Africa charity is to give children a good educational beginning in their lives with 100% of all monies made being utilised to help provide children with exercise books, text books, uniforms, pens, pencils and other stationery, sports gear, clothes, school tables and chairs and other educational items. Whenever feasible they order these items inside the Gambia to help in stimulating the local economy.

The scheme gives people the opportunity to help out a charity in Gambia at no extra cost to themselves and help reduce the amount of waste going into their local landfills. You can even post your empty inkjet cartridges, copier toners & old cellphones for recycling by using their Freepost service. Inking About Africa also accepts donations, small or large, and money raised through fundraising activities of volunteers.

How the Scheme Works:
If you wish to donate your cartridges then the first step is to go to their website and ask for their Freepost envelopes or cardboard boxes. Once packed you then send it off to the charity. They then forward it to RTF who check the items and credit Inking About Africa for all units that can be re-filled.

Some Past Projects:
Up to May 2013 Inking About Africa had a total of 3 projects on the go.

The first was commenced in the second half of April and was to dig a well on an island known as Jinack for the local English Nursery School. Prior to the well children had to endure a lack of drinking water and insanitary lavatory conditions putting them as risk of contracting diseases.

The second project was for the restoration of a pre-school in Kitty Village on the outskirts of Brikama. This project was supervised by 'Goal For The Gambia' which is a charity that has worked closely in the past with Inking For Africa.

The third project was financed by their first fundraiser named Sonko. After adding the charity to the Virgin Money Giving page he had his dreadlocks cut off and made 400 which was donated to school in Suduwol in the Upper River Region. The money was used to buy a new hand pump for their water well after the old one had broken down. The water was vital for drinking, hygiene and watering their vegetable garden which played a vital role in giving the children added nutrition.
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